When you’re a homeowner there are things that may break or damage you may come across, these things happen. There is a difference between regular maintenance and needing to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. Filing a homeowner’s insurance claim can negatively affect you and may even lead to a non-renewal of your insurance policy.

Some possible consequences for filing unnecessary or multiple claims can be:

  • rising premiums,
  • policy cancellations,
  • or difficulty finding coverage with another company.


Reaching out to your agent first provides you with knowledge and resources to ensure you’re making the right choices. As your local Independent Insurance Agency, our team works for YOU, not the insurance company.

Some situations where it’s in your best interest to avoid filing a claim are:

  • repairs that cost less than your deductible,
  • damages that are relatively minor,
  • and claims caused by poor maintenance on the homeowner’s part.


Thank YOU for the opportunity to serve and protect you, your loved ones and everything you worked so hard for. What more can we do for YOU?

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