Protect Your Summer With Water Safety

The summer is heating up here in California, and you are probably looking for a way to take advantage of the summer season. The good news is that heading to the water can give you a reprieve from the heat while you enjoy the sun’s rays. So that you can enjoy your time by the water without stress, here is a quick guide to staying safe by the water this summer.

  • At The Beach: Be aware that at the beach, there are rip currents that could put even the most experienced swimmer in a dangerous situation. Never swim too far from the shore. The beach may seem like the perfect place to lay out and get a tan, but this could expose you to the sun’s harmful rays. Make sure you regularly seek out shade (an umbrella will help!) and reapply your sunscreen as needed.
  • On The Lake: You may think that a swim in the lake is just like a lap in the pool, but the moving water will tire you out more quickly than the pool would. Do not push your limits when in the lake. If you will be boating, make sure there is a designated driver who can safely drive everyone home and that every passenger has—and actually wears—a lifejacket.
  • By The River: With the runoff as the summer heats up, lots of rivers are moving very quickly right now. Never swim in the river without someone to keep an eye on you. Also, make sure you do not swallow any water to avoid waterborne illnesses.

We hope this water recreation safety guide helps you safely enjoy your summer! To offer your family even more safety, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency to put the best California coverage in place to protect you this summer and beyond.

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