How To: Tipping for All Situations

Tipping is an issue that brings out very passionate opinions from all sorts of people, but here are some things you should know about tipping for all situations. 

There are all sorts of societal expectations when it comes to tipping. How much should you tip? Who do you tip? And what is with this whole notion of tipping in the first place? Indeed, all valid questions that should be addressed. Here are some tips you should consider when you tip.

Restaurant Servers
Minimum should be 15 percent, preferably no less than 20 percent. Most servers make somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 per hour! They essentially live off tips. So unless the server was outright rude, leave a minimum of 15 percent. If the server bent over backwards for you, more 20 percent would be greatly appreciated.

Delivery People
Someone had to deliver your pizza or deliver your new furniture. Without them, you would be hungry and have no place to sit or place your plate. Be kind, and give them a few dollars.

Hotel Maids
Many people do not even consider housekeeping when tipping. A few bucks on the bedside table will go a long way toward ensuring your room gets the good cleaner and real new sheets.

Uber/Cab Drivers
Tipping the cab driver is something we all know to do, but with cabs becoming obsolete, what do we do with uber drivers? Tipping is not built into the app, so sparing a few dollars will be much appreciated.

With one drink costing upwards of $15, a $1 tip should be good.

Want to learn more?  Visit Dave Ramsey’s guide to tipping here!

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