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Free Apps That Will Save You Money

Working on your budget? Download these free apps to make saving easier. Here’s a list of apps that will make saving money a snap. Hopper: This app helps you get low airfares by predicting when the prices will be high and low. It first predicts when the cheapest time to fly will be and then shows you the cheapest time

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How To: Create the Right Safety Management Plan

A safety management plans is an essential tool for all businesses. One of the most important parts of owning a business is making sure that your employees are safe at work every day. Creating a safety management plan is the best way to reach this goal. Use these tips to help you create a safety management plan that will work best

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Car Insurance Discounts For Senior Drivers

Senior drivers, you can save on your car insurance with these discounts! Your parents might not have told you, but they paid a pretty penny for your car insurance when you were a teen. Because teen drivers are inexperienced, they’re riskier for insurers to cover. They pass that risk along to parents in the form of higher premiums. It makes

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