The Truth Behind Common Flood Insurance Myths

Don’t believe these flood insurance myths to ensure you are able to get the right amount of coverage.

Do you know if you are covered in case of a flood? With the current El Nino conditions throughout California, it is more important than ever to ensure your home and personal property are covered from rising waters. Knowing the truth behind these flood insurance myths can help you find the right amount of protection.

You have to live in a flood plain to get coverage.

If you live in a high-risk flood plain you may be required to get flood insurance, but the coverage is available to all homeowners. If you are thinking of skipping out on coverage, if your lender doesn’t require it, think again. Even if you live in a low-risk area you are at risk of dealing with a flood, making coverage essential.

Flood insurance will cover all damages and destruction.

Just like all other insurance policies, there are limitations to the coverage that comes with flood insurance. Talk with your insurance agent to ensure that the limits of your policy meet your needs.  The more your house is worth and the more personal property you have to cover, the more coverage you will need.

My homeowners insurance will cover flood damage.

Flood insurance policies specifically exclude damage that is done during a flood. The only way to get protection in case of a flood is a specific flood insurance policy. Keep in mind that flood insurance policies have a 30-day waiting period before the coverage kicks in, the sooner you choose a policy, the sooner you will be able to get the peace of mind you deserve.

For all of your flood insurance needs, contact the insurance professionals at Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We will help you find the right amount of coverage to meet your needs, all at the right price to fit your budget.

Protect Your Home: Theft Prevention & Homeowners Insurance

Your Guide To Deterring Thieves

Property crimes are unfortunately common. Even though we see our homes as places of safety, ideally protecting us, our families, and personal belongings from the dangers of the world around us, they can be compromised by burglars if we do not take steps to avoid this. To help you keep your home, your family, and your belongings safe, here are a few theft prevention tips to employ.

  • Check Your Locks: If you do not have locks on every single door and window in your home (yes, even those on the second or third story), install them right away. Thieves have been known to grab the ladder from your backyard—or even your neighbor’s—to access upper stories of the home. Make sure all of your existing locks are sturdy and that everyone in your family uses them.
  • Trim Your Yard: The more overhanging tree limbs and overgrown bushes you have in your yard, the more opportunities you are offering burglars to hide in the shadows as they check out your house. Keep your landscaping tight to ensure you are not offering any extra opportunities to thieves.
  • Light Your House: Similarly, by installing lights along your home’s walkways, on your porch, and throughout your yard, you make your home look less enticing to potential robbers. Inexpensive, solar-powered lights are a great solution to your property’s dark areas.

Of course, even with all of these efforts a clever thief could make it into your home. To make sure he or she does not make away with your quality of life, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We are here to help you put the right California homeowners insurance in place to protect all of your personal property. Call us today to get a policy that will thwart any thief!

The Reality Of Renters Insurance

Do You Need This Kind Of Coverage?

When you rent, you do not have as many worries about your property as a homeowner. If your shower clogs, or your oven breaks, or your neighbors are being too noisy, all you have to do is pick up the phone and have someone else handle the issue for you. Just because you do not have to worry about maintaining the property on which you live does not mean you should not worry about the personal property you store in it, though.

As a renter, you can rest easy knowing your rental property would be rebuilt after a fire because it is covered by your landlord’s insurance coverage. If that fire crept into your unit and touched your belongings, though, your landlord’s coverage will not extend to replace or repair your possessions.

Consequently, it is important to carry renters insurance. This kind of coverage is very affordable (usually between $15 and $30 a month, depending on how much property you have to cover) and will offer protection for your personal property. That means that a thief breaking in and swiping all of your valuables will not leave you facing a financial deficit. Have you protected your possessions with renters insurance?

There is an additional benefit of this type of coverage. Renters insurance also offers liability coverage, which means that a guest getting injured in your rental will not end up being a huge legal expense for you if they decide to sue you. Protect yourself from being held responsible after an injury with renters insurance.

Do you have an insurance expert showing you how much coverage you need to protect your rental, your personal property, and your liability? To get that kind of guidance, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency today. We are here to meet all of your California renter’s insurance needs.

Do I Need Coverage for My College Student?

Planning to send your graduate off to college soon? You might be wondering whether your current insurance coverage will help protect your loved one while they are far from home. When it comes to insurance and college students, there are a few stipulations that may require alterations to your current policy.

Health Insurance Coverage is essential for any college student, and many colleges today require all students to have some type of medical coverage at the time of enrollment. If your child is studying abroad or out of state, there may be details you need to discuss with your insurance agent before sending them off.

Automobile Insurance Coverage is a responsibility many parents choose to continue for a number of reasons. Cash strapped college students tend to miss a payment here and then, which can put them at serious liability even if they don’t take a car with them. Consider those occasions where your responsible child unexpectedly becomes the designated driver or borrows a friend’s car before dropping them from your auto policy.

Home Insurance & Covering Property in a Dorm is one thing you’ll want to inquire with your agent about. Most policies do help cover personal property that is damaged or stolen from dorm rooms in particular situations.

Find out more about keeping your college student safe while they earn higher education, Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency in California for all your insurance questions and needs.