4 Gardening Tips to Beautify Your Garden

Love to garden, or going to do it for the first time? These tips will help you be faster, cleaner, and more efficient.

Gardening can be fun if you know the proper techniques to see your garden blossom from tiny green leaves sticking out of the ground to full flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables ready to impress everyone on the block. Here are four great gardening tips that are sure to help your garden be the best garden on the block.

Create a non-stick shovel

Picking dirt off shovels is something no wants to do. Spray your shovel with a silicone or Teflon lubricant to make shoveling way easier. A good coating will make any kind of soil slip right off without a hassle.

Heavy pots don’t have to be heavy

Filling half of the pot with packing peanuts will significantly reduce the weight of your big pots. Just remember to put some landscape fabric to keep the soil from sinking to the bottom.

Blemish-free roses

When you plant roses, pruning is a must to keep the roses as open and as beautiful as possible. Pruning increases the amount of light that reaches the roses which will inhibit proper growth. Careful pruning will keep the moisture out, and will prevent black spots and other blemishes from ruining the petals of the flower.

Assist root-bound plants

The problem with potted plants is that the roots will eventually run out of room to grow, so they will begin to form tight circles in the pot. This can prevent water and essential nutrients from reach all parts of the plant—especially the leaves. To fix this, gently guide roots outward using your fingers. If they are especially tough, make cautious vertical cuts in the roots with a knife.

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