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Twist On A Classic: Salmon Burger Recipe

Salmon Burgers For Summer During the summer, everyone seems to be lighting up their grill. While the barrage of burgers and hot dogs is great for a time, after a couple of months of eating these heavy foods you might be ready for an alternative, healthy option. Fortunately, you can get it! For a fresh twist on the classic burger,

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Worry-Free Summers With The Right Insurance

Eliminating Liability Risks This Summer Summer is finally here, which means many individuals and families are getting ready to take out their summer toys. As fun as trampolines, boats, and swimming pools may be, there are associated risks that you will want to have covered under the proper insurance policies. Before heading out to enjoy summer to the fullest, be

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Make The Most Of Your Spring Cleaning

The Guide To Freshening Your Home This Spring As we say goodbye to winter (albeit a fortunately mild one for us Californians), we get to throw open the windows of our homes and quite literally shake off the dust of the winter. So you can get the most of your spring-cleaning and home maintenance, use this brief guide. Stainless Steel: Clean

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The Indepedent Insurance Agent

Are you ever frustrated when you walk into a big box store and try to figure out what type of appliance, TV or other electronic device that you want to purchase and there is no one around to help you.  Makes me consider how much your time is worth?  For example when you get the wrong thing and have to take it

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