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Car Insurance Discounts For Senior Drivers

Senior drivers, you can save on your car insurance with these discounts! Your parents might not have told you, but they paid a pretty penny for your car insurance when you were a teen. Because teen drivers are inexperienced, they’re riskier for insurers to cover. They pass that risk along to parents in the form of higher premiums. It makes

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The Best Agent For The Job

Three Ways An Independent Insurance Agent Can Serve You Let’s face it- some agents are just better than others. A secret agent is better than an IRS agent (no offense). A cleaning agent is better than an infectious agent. In the same way, an independent insurance agent is better than a captive insurance agent. Here are a few reasons to

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Insuring Your Intangible Assets

Our heavy technological dependence has created an increased need for protecting our business’ intangible assets in a unique way. Recent mass data breaches have proven the importance of purchasing a cyber-liability insurance policy. With nearly all of our client and company data saved online, we must find a way to protect our most valuable information adequately. Advancements in technology mean

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