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Understanding Small Business Insurance

There are four types of insurance that most small businesses purchase. The first is Property insurance. This type of coverage provides compensation if business property is damaged, stolen or lost. In addition to covering the physical business structure, property insurance covers personal property. This includes inventory, office furnishings, raw materials, computers, machinery and other items that are part of business

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7 Tips on Classifying Workers as Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Small business owners can hire individuals as either employees or independent contractors. Which classification a hired individual falls under is often a confusing process for business owners, but it’s this critical classification that affects what tax documents must be filed; how much you, the business owner, pays in taxes; as well as whether or not you should be withholding from

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Don’t Make the Mistake of Only Looking at Cost When Evaluating New Health Plan Carriers

Over recent years, at least from a percentage standpoint, health plan costs continue to rise substantially. These hikes and the continued premium increases are simply more than many businesses are able or willing to absorb. This conundrum leaves many employers trying to decide if they should pass on part or all of the increased cost to their employees, cutback on

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Employee Substance Abuse & The Affect On Your Company’s Bottom Line

More than ever, some of your team may need you help. Here’s some info to consider: Employees with substance abuse problems cost businesses billions of dollars each year. According to the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, among the 17.8 million Americans aged 18 or older who admitted to illicit drug use, nearly 73% were employed. This equates

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Teen Employees-Rights & Responsibilities In The Workplace

Every year, millions of teenagers join the workplace for the first time. A first job can be a positive experience for many, teaching them discipline and responsibility in addition to giving them some extra money. However, some teens find themselves working in hostile environments. Their supervisors might treat them unfairly because of their sex or race, harass them, hassle them

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How Are Your Senior Care Facility Communication Skills?

Both Administrators and Caregivers are often required to communicate with Doctors, Family Members, Social Services etc, and it is imperative professional communication skills are used at all times. As an Administrator this mind set must be driven from the top down.  The tools and the training of your staff in understanding confidentiality and implementing professional communication skill sets should be

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