The November 2017 update of Mike Stromsoe’s The Protection Coach® has arrived.  This issue is jam-packed with all the latest news and tips for clients and friends of Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

The Protection Coach® – November 2017 (Click Here to View)

Inside this edition..

  • Insurance to Value – Homeowners & Residential Structures
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Quick Tips: Thanksgiving Tips
  • Congratulations to Patty Bruesch, our Awesome Client of the Month. Thank you for your business!
  • Also, congratulations to Erick Bringas, our referral rewards WINNER! Thank you for all your kind referrals to our team!

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We are so very grateful for all of your kind referrals to our team in 2017!  Thank YOU!!

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Our hearts are with all those affected by the California Fires

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those affected by the fires that continue to burn in all of California.

We mirror what the leadership of Cal Fire ( has mentioned over the past few days.

1)      Life safety first

2)      Protect properties second

This week is also Fire Prevention Week, which helps remind us to prepare for times just like so many are experiencing right now.

Has your family set up a home escape plan in case of emergency? In the article “Every Second Counts – Plan 2 Ways Out”, you will find some helpful tips on how to make an escape plan for your family.  Creating a home escape plan is the most basic element to home fire safety.  It makes a difference between life and death in a fire situation. 

If there is anything we can do to assist, in any way, please contact us at:

Phone:  951-600-5751


Thank you for the opportunity to serve and protect you.  Please be safe!


Mike Stromsoe and the

Stromsoe Insurance Total Protection Team


Join us on Friday October 13th and Saturday October 14th in Historic Downtown Murrieta for an awesome weekend of Sweet Rides, Great Food, Awesome People, and Music! Wait there’s MORE…  this event is Free to the Public and ALL of the proceeds will benefit the at-risk and special needs youth at Oak Grove.  So come on down and enjoy the FUN!

There will be:

  • OVER 400 Classic Cars & Hot Rods
  • OVER 20,000 Spectators
  • 2 Days of Cars, Vendors, Food & Fun

We are proud to sponsor this awesome event and such a great cause.  Please, come stop by our booth and say hi to our Total Protection Team and enter to WIN some awesome prizes. We will have some SWAG, giftcards and other surprise goodies!



Join The Fight: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This October, Stromsoe Insurance Agency is proud to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point during her life. After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer in women. The good news is that many women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early.

  • Know your risk by learning about your family health history and talking to
  • your health care provider about your personal risk.
  • If you are age 40 to 49, talk with your doctor about when to start getting mammograms and how often to get them.
  • Women ages 50 to 74 need mammograms every 2 years. You may choose to start getting mammograms earlier or to get them more often.

Make healthy lifestyle choices:
– Maintain a healthy weight
– Add exercise into your routine
– Limit alcohol intake
– Limit post menopausal hormone use
– Breastfeed if you can


Talk to a doctor about your risk for breast cancer, especially if a close family member has had breast or ovarian cancer. That way they can help you decide when and how often to get a mammogram.



The August 2017 update of Mike Stromsoe’s The Protection Coach® has arrived. This issue is jam-packed with all the latest news and tips for clients and friends of Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

The Protection Coach® – August 2017 (Click Here to View)

Inside this edition..

• Our Promise To YOU
• Umbrella Insurance
• Understanding Business Owner Policies
• Quick Tips: Back To School
• Congratulations to Melissa and Travis Pellerin, our Awesome Clients of the Month. Thank you for your business!

Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring marks a time in which most people get serious about cleaning for one day and participate in spring cleaning. 

The earth has come to a point in its orbit where the days get longer and warmer, and for many people across the nation, that means it’s time to clean! Spring cleaning is a day in which millions of Americans put on their latex gloves, cleaning apron, and an old shirt they got at a work event which is now dedicated to getting dirty, and meticulously clean their home. Here is your guide to spring cleaning.

  1. Ceiling fixtures. 
    Fixtures such as ceiling fans or lights collect dust and we normally forget to check these overhead. Take this time to dust these fixtures with a cloth or a vacuum with a brush nozzle.
  2. Walls.
    You may think that dust only covers horizontal surfaces, but you’d be wrong. A close look at a wall and we see that they are not perfectly smooth, they have ridges and crevices to which dust can attach. Dust also carries a charge and can stick statically to walls. Wash away the dust with a sponge and some dish soap.
  3. Floors.
    You can protect your floors from another year of wear and tear with the proper finishing. Use a floor cleaner that both cleans and shines to give your floor the preservation it needs.
  4. Fridge.
    Food spoils and leaves behind a foul odor. Take the time to remove everything in your fridge and give it a good wipe-down with soap and water. (You don’t want to use any tough cleaning chemicals as you run the risk of contaminating your food.)

A proper home insurance policy will ensure that your home is protected against covered damages. Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency for all of your insurance needs today!

Is it Time to Update Your Home Insurance?

Your home is one of the most important investments you can make, so it is important that you update your home insurance should these changes arise.

When it comes to maintaining good care of your home, you have enough to worry about. What with mortgage payments, upgrades, repairs, cleaning the gutters and the basement and everything in between–they are probably all on top of your to-do list. All the while your home insurance policy may not have seen the light of day since you have purchased your home. This is actually dangerous because you need to know about any discounts or glaring in your coverage. Here are a few instances in which you should review and update your home insurance policy.

  1. Remodeling – Your home is insured for what is in your home at the time of purchase. If you have remodeled your kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc., your home’s market value may have risen. If there’s an accident that damages your home, it will likely not cover any post-remodel expenses. Update your policy to match your home.
  2. Expensive Items – You have limited coverage, and while you may think that it is a lot of money, one expensive item may put your claim above that limit. If you purchase a big-ticket item, like art or jewelry, make sure it reflects on your policy.
  3. Lifestyle Changes – Have you retired? Have you quit smoking? These, and more, are lifestyle changes that may land you some big discounts when it comes to your premium

For all of your home insurance coverage needs to keep your home safe from fires and other covered dangers, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We will work with you to ensure you have the right coverage that you deserve, all at the right price to fit your budget.

Insurance Discounts for Going Green

These discounts will help you save green while going green.

Going green has quickly become a way of life. From reusable bags at the grocery store to hybrid vehicles, you can be more environmentally friendly in almost every aspect of your life. Not only can going green help the planet, but it can also help you save money. Consider these green insurance policies that can help you start saving some green.

For your home:

  • If your home meets the stringent standards for sustainability and efficiency laid out by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System, or LEED, you can benefit from home insurance premium discounts.
  • Homeowners who generate their own solar, geothermal, or wind power and sell their excess power back to the local power grid can get their utility charges covered.
  • Replacing certain systems or materials with eco-friendly options can lead to a discount on your home insurance policy. You may also get a discount if you replace your old, outdated appliances with new, Energy Star rated models.

For your vehicle:

  • If you drive a car that uses an alternative fuel, such as electricity, biodiesel, natural gas, ethanol, or hydrogen, you may be able to start enjoying a discount.
  • Hybrid vehicle owners can benefit from a discount of up to 10 percent on their auto insurance rates. These discounts may even apply to your hybrid-electric boat.
  • Pay as you drive (PAYD) programs are offered by various insurance companies and will track your speed and the number of miles that you drive each day. That information will then be used to help determine your auto insurance costs and any possible discounts. If you’re going green by biking or walking, this can help you save!

For all of your insurance coverage needs, whether you are ready to make the jump to being more eco-friendly or not, contact the insurance professionals at Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We can help you find the right California insurance policies, all at the right price.

Preparing Your California Home For The Fall Season

The California homeowners guide to getting their home ready for the coming cold.

Can you believe September’s almost already over? If the end of this month snuck up on you the way it did us, you might find yourself scrambling to get your house ready for the coming colder seasons.

We can help! To make maintaining and preparing your home for winter easy this fall, use these handy tips.

  • Clear Your Water Heater: What’s better than a hot shower after being out in the cold air? To make sure you can enjoy that feeling this winter, drain your water heater and clear out any debris that’s collected.
  • Seal It Up: Check your doors and windows for any cracks that will let hot air out, increasing your heating bill and your home’s chill. When you find them, seal them up.
  • Clean Your Gutters: With the winter comes an increase in precipitation. Make sure your home can handle it by cleaning out your gutters and drainpipes. Double-check that all of your downspouts are still pouring down a grade away from your foundation.
  • Get Your Chimney Inspected: Don’t try to clean your chimney yourself; have a professional come out and handle the job for you. While you have him or her there, make sure the damper gets checked so you can seal out cold winter drafts.

Another crucial aspect of preparing your home for the coming season is reviewing your homeowners insurance coverage. Do you have the right policy to protect your home? To make sure you do, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. Our committed California team can help you get the right coverage to fully safeguard your home this fall and throughout the rest of the year.