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Make Sure You’re Getting All The Homeowners Insurance Discounts You Can

Most companies offer basic discounts on Homeowners coverages, such as bundling Home and Auto insurance, loyalty rewards, and installing smoke detectors and/or home security systems. However, a growing number of companies offer significant premium discounts on Homeowners insurance to policyholders who are: Senior citizens. If you’re 60 or older, you could lower your premium by as much as 15%. Non-smokers.

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What’s The True Value of Your Home?

In regards to the value of your home, the two most commonly cited sources are usually useless for insurance purposes. Most people base the perceived value of their home from a benchmark of the original purchase price, and then adjust it over time based on current home sales or tax assessments. However, even realtors will tell you that such values

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Loss-Proof Your House

Loss-proofing your home is the perfect way of avoiding those pesky little Homeowners claims. Here are a few helpful tips from a recent insurance trade report: Fix minor roof leaks quickly and keep rain gutters clean. Trim dead branches. Also, remove dying trees from your property before they fall and cause unsightly, expensive damage. If you’re in a high-wind area,

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Medical Payments Coverage Offers Homeowners Peace of Mind

Imagine your daughter is playing in the yard with friends. Suddenly she runs in, crying that her best friend fell and hurt her arm. You rush out to find the girl lying on the ground, screaming, and holding her arm that seems to be broken. Just then her mother runs up — and, as she scoops up her daughter, snaps

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Protecting Your Jewelry

You have timeless hours making your jewelry choices — not to mention paying thousands of dollars — so why fall short when it comes to finding the right coverage for your jewels? Getting the correct protection is easy; you just need to understand what your Homeowners insurance will cover. The standard HO-3 policy provides only $1,000 worth of coverage for

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Cover Yourself With An Umbrella

In today’s “litigation culture,” with million-dollar legal settlements all too common, anyone – including you and your family – could easily face ruin from a lawsuit, whether serious or frivolous. Even if you won, you’d be out thousands of dollars in defense costs. A Personal Liability Umbrella can help ensure financial peace of mind by providing coverage up to an

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