Your Teen Drivers Need Car Insurance (Even If They Don’t Have A Car)

How to get your teen drivers the car insurance they need.

In theory, your teen becoming a licensed driver takes a lot off your plate. You don’t have to drive to school in the mornings, you’re not responsible for shuttling your teen and his or her friends to after-school activities, and you free yourself from playing weekend chauffeur.

Unfortunately, though, when your teen starts being able to drive you do have or thing or two you need to worry about. For starters, you need to focus on making sure your family’s newest driver is safe behind the wheel.

Secondly, you need to consider your insurance coverage. That’s right, even if your teen doesn’t have his or her own car you still need to insure him or her. In the state of California, all drivers on the road are required to have liability insurance. That means that if you let your teen drive without having coverage for him or her, you’re letting your teen break the law.

Fortunately, insuring your new driver is easy! Just give your insurance agent a call, and he or she will be able to add your teen as an operator on your family’s existing coverage.

Let us forewarn you: when you add a teen, your rates will go up because teen drivers are statistically some of the riskiest people on the road. The good news is you can combat this by limiting how much your teen drives, getting a good student discount if he or she gets As and Bs, and waiting to buy him or her a car.

If you have questions about the California car insurance your growing number of drivers requires, don’t wait to contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We know that you already have enough to worry about with your new teen driver, and are here to making getting him or her covered easy! Protect your family, your vehicles, and your liability by calling us today.

Auto Insurance Discounts for Teen Drivers

It is no surprise that insuring teen drivers can be costly. Teen drivers are viewed as inexperienced drivers and are more likely to be involved in auto accidents and receive traffic tickets. While elevated rates are inevitable when it comes to insuring your teen driver, there are still ways for you to lower your auto insurance premium, including:

  • How many times have you threatened taking away privileges if your child does not maintain a strong grade point average? Now, they actually have incentive! Students that maintain a B average, or 3.0 GPA, will receive a substantial discount for being a good student. The good student discount can be your ticket to encouraging your child to receive good grades.
  • Many insurance companies will reward inexperienced drivers who take defensive driving courses with an insurance discount. Whether you have already taken Driver’s Ed to receive your license or not, the refresher on basic driving rules proves that you want to be a safer driver.
  • While your new teen driver may be begging for that new red sports car, it is smarter if you go for an older and more practical vehicle. Sensible vehicles are less expensive to insure, especially when there is a teen driver behind the wheel of it.
  • If you are looking for a big way to save, you may want to consider increasing your deductible. This will provide you with a smaller premium amount, however, you must be ready to pay the elevated deductible if you are involved in an accident. It is important that you do not make this change without considering actually having to pay the deductible.

Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency in Murrieta for all of your California auto insurance needs. Insuring your teen driver does not have to break the bank with a comprehensive auto insurance policy from Stromsoe Insurance Agency! Allow us to safeguard your most prized asset at an affordable rate.

Must-Know: Insuring Your College Student

Congratulations! Your child just received their acceptance letter to an accredited university! Now it is time to start planning the big move. Many parents fail to realize that sending their child off to college has a variety of insurance implications. In between determining how you will get all of your child’s belongings to their new home and planning their class schedule for their first college semester, you must keep these insurance factors in mind:

  • Will your child be bringing their car with them to college? Depending on the state in which they move to, you may notice a spike in your auto insurance premium. Encourage your child to maintain a B average in school and they will be eligible to receive the good student discount. Likewise, your child may be able to receive a discount for taking additional driver’s education classes.
  • Will your child be moving into a dorm this semester? If so, your homeowners’ insurance policy will likely extend to cover their personal belongings under property off premises coverage. You will want to speak with your insurance carrier about the deductible that would be applied to claims at this remote property.
  • Will your child be moving into an apartment near their near college? If so, your homeowners’ insurance will not cover their personal belongings. Therefore, you will need to purchase a renters’ insurance policy at a very affordable rate. A renters’ insurance policy will cover the contents within the property and liability coverage in the event that someone is injured on the property.

Schedule a review at Stromsoe Insurance Agency to make sure that your student is receiving all discounts that they qualify for. We want you to receive the peace of mind knowing your college student is safe when living away from home. Contact us today with all of your remaining questions regarding insuring your new college student.

How To Lower The Cost Of Insuring Your Teen Driver

If you have a teenage driver on your hands, you know that your auto insurance premium is highly affected by adding them to your coverage. However, you don’t have to be emptying the bank account to insure your teen driver. Back to school time is the perfect opportunity to think about how you can save on your auto insurance.

As you watch your teen driver pull out of the driveway, you have a magnitude of worries crossing your mind. On top of worrying about their safety, you have to think about the costs associated with their new found freedom. The costs continue to build up as you purchase a car for them to drive, driving school, a driver’s license, and of course, their auto insurance. Many parents of new teen drivers fail to realize that they still have options to keep the costs low.

When choosing your teen driver’s first car, think about the insurance implications. Vehicles that require comprehensive and collision coverage will be more expensive to insure. If you purchase an older, yet reliable vehicle for your teen driver, you may only need to purchase liability insurance, keeping the costs down.

Additionally, you must take advantage of the discounts available to you. If your child takes additional driver’s education courses, they may be eligible to receive a discount. Is your child tired of hearing you encourage them to keep their grades up? You now have the luxury of saying that they will not be allowed to drive unless they maintain a B average. That way, they will be receiving the good student discount and your auto insurance premium will not be as high.

The insurance experts at Stromsoe Insurance Agency can answer any remaining questions you may have regarding insuring your teen driver. We can help you review your current policy and help you manage the cost of insuring your teen. Contact us today!