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Cooking Resolutions You Can Make to Change Your Life

Now that the feasting season is over, you should make new changes to your kitchen-based lifestyle that will change your life for the better. Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, and New Years are all holidays on which we stuff our faces and go a bit overboard with calories. But now that these holidays are over, and you made resolutions to eat

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How To: Avoid Holiday Hazards at Home

Keep your holiday merry by avoiding these home holiday hazards. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We don’t want to dampen your holiday season in any way, but we do want to remind you that this time of year is also filled with hazards. The good news is that if you take steps to avoid holiday hazards at

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Thanksgiving Recipe: Make Ahead Cranberry Sauce

Make Thanksgiving easier on yourself with this make ahead recipe for cranberry sauce. When you think about Thanksgiving a few weeks in advance, it probably leaves you with a warm feeling. On the holiday, friends and family gather to share a traditional meal, express gratitude, and enjoy each other’s company. On the day of Thanksgiving, you might be feeling differently.

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