El Niño & Your California Flood Insurance Needs

Why El Niño makes flood insurance especially important for your home.

All of sudden, it’s fall in Southern California. While we enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy – depending on your weather preference) unseasonably warm weather into November, the weather’s taken a turn.

No, it’s not just the usual weather patterns. Actually, experts are saying El Niño could be to blame for the sudden cold. They’re also predicting this weather pattern will bring serious storms our way.

If you can remember back to 1997’s El Niño, it caused millions of dollars of damage and cost over a dozen lives. According to people in the know, today’s climate models look a whole lot like they did in ’97. In other words, we need to be prepared for a very wet winter here in Southern California.

One of the best ways to be prepared is to buy flood insurance.  Don’t assume your homeowners insurance will protect you because, quite frankly, it won’t. Standard home insurance policies don’t include coverage against flooding, so you need a separate policy to be protected against rising waters this winter.

Also, don’t assume you can just wait until a major storm is rolling in to buy coverage! Flood insurance policies require a 30-day waiting period before they can take effect, so you need to buy your coverage now to be prepared against the seasonal surprises El Niño is projected to bring to Southern California.

Would you like more information about how to pair flood insurance with your existing homeowners insurance or renter insurance policy to be fully protected this winter? To talk to an expert who will evaluate your specific insurance needs and help you get covered, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We’re dedicated to helping California renters and homeowners have the insurance policies they need to matter what our seasons bring our way!