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Damage to Your Company’s Reputation?

It can be challenging identifying and preventing the incidences that might harm your firm’s reputation. The explosive expansion of Web-based communications and social media has aggravated the risks of reputational damage, while dramatically reducing response time to counter these threats. According to Reputation Review 2012, a report from Oxford Metrica sponsored by Aon P.L.C., a public company runs an 80%

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Curbing Corporate Identity Theft: A Three-Step Approach

The Supreme Court ruled in the controversial Citizens United case, that corporations have rights similar to those of an individual. If follows that they have identities and are vulnerable to identity theft. Although insurance offers one way to manage this risk, it might well be a long time before a company discovers the theft — at which point, it would

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What is a “Separation of Insureds” Clause?

Did you know when signing a contract to do business with another entity, you are agreeing to add them as an insured under your Liability insurance? Several months later, an accident may arise from the contracted job, and the other party sues you for damages. Can you file a claim for this suit under the policy that covers both of

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Mobile Devices Pose Data Breach Threats

With the ever growing use of tablets and smartphones in the workplace the risk of exposing more and more businesses to liability for sensitive data being compromised if these devices are lost, stolen, or hacked. How can your company protect itself against this threat – and how much authority do you have over an employee’s personal device if it’s also

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Property Coverage Fluctuates With Inventory

Many businesses can pick an amount of inventory coverage at the beginning of the year and know that at any given time, their actual inventory values will be within a few dollars of that amount. This makes the choice easy; just pick an amount that will cover the most you’ll ever have on hand. However, suppose your inventories vary widely

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Advertising the Safe Way

 Congratulations! That new billboard outside your office is the talk of the town. It’s no wonder that advertising is a critical element in the success of most companies. For several  businesses, however, it’s an incidental activity that’s not part of the firm’s primary business. All advertising involves a risk exposure. In many cases, your Commercial General Liability policy will include

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