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Business Owners: Proprietary HR Program – Limited Time Offer!

Helping Your Business Change For The New Reality... What Is Your Business Doing To Prepare For The Changes?   Life has changed for all us.  In these times of uncertainty, more than ever, we are dedicated to the Core Values in our agency.  At the top of our Core Values is: Servants Heart: Dedicated to serving our clients and communities!
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Business Insurance Coverage Options

Business owners must do everything in their power to protect their organization. In doing so, you must have a comprehensive business insurance policy. With the array of coverage options surrounding business insurance policies, you may be wondering which you actually need and which are just wasteful. Gathered is a list of the basic coverage options your business needs to survive:

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Insurance Is a Primary Need for Businesses Large and Small

In today’s world, no one disputes the need for insurance.  And any business owner, from a huge corporation to a mom-and-pop part-time venture run from a room in their home, will testify that insurance is a vital need, and certainly a priority.  But, there are many kinds of insurance, and there is no "one size fits all" package.  Because plans

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Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?

The Insurance Information Institute explains why it is so important that business owners have professional liability insurance. Many people who own their own business, regardless of whether they conduct business from their homes, or from another place altogether, may not realize the importance of adding PL insurance to their existing business owners policy or in-home policy. The reason this type

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