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What is a “Separation of Insureds” Clause?

Did you know when signing a contract to do business with another entity, you are agreeing to add them as an insured under your Liability insurance? Several months later, an accident may arise from the contracted job, and the other party sues you for damages. Can you file a claim for this suit under the policy that covers both of

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Advertising the Safe Way

 Congratulations! That new billboard outside your office is the talk of the town. It’s no wonder that advertising is a critical element in the success of most companies. For several  businesses, however, it’s an incidental activity that’s not part of the firm’s primary business. All advertising involves a risk exposure. In many cases, your Commercial General Liability policy will include

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Protect Your Business From Fire

A recent report describes the fire-protection systems in many of the nation’s assisted living facilities are dismal. Many are missing basic safeguards such as smoke alarms and sprinklers. As a result, these facilities have suffered an average of one fatal fire per month during the past five years. In an industry this large, and with deep emotional implications, this matter

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