Non-Profit Spotlight : Single Mothers Are Resilient Together (SMART) Moms

Our community is full of incredible people and groups, out making a difference for others! In this month’s Non-Profit Spotlight we’d like to recognize Single Mothers Are Resilient Together (SMART) Moms!

SMART Moms began in June of 2016 with the mission to provide education and support that empowers all single mothers and their children to grow and thrive in a compassionate, encouraging, grace filled environment. Their purpose is to provide a “unique opportunity for single women to gather in fellowship with other women in a similar situation, all without regard for religious affiliation or any other consideration. To share mutual concerns in a loving, caring environment that is dedicated to the premise that regardless of your situation, there is always an opportunity to experience love and joy.”

SMART Moms is currently supporting close to 50 active moms, as well as others who attend as they are able. Between the moms, children and volunteers, their meetings would range from 65-90 people, prior to COVID. Their weekly meetings allow them to bring in professionals for topics of discussion including finance and budgeting, health and exercise, bullying, suicide prevention, IEPs and 504s, prayer, vision boards, family law issues, self-care and so much more! They will also take field trips twice a year and celebrate together for holidays such as Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

While the moms are learning about these important topics, the children are also attending talks and activities:

  • Babies and preschoolers will have nurturing and play time.
  • K-5th graders will have lessons on God, art, games, and time on the playground.
  • Middle and high schoolers will often split into groups based on gender to talk about topics that are important to them. Some of the topics the girls have discussed are communication and empowerment and some the boys have discussed are shaving, wearing a tie and relationships. The middle and high school aged children will often get together for topics that are important to them both: bullying, budgeting, etc.

Coronavirus has had an effect on every aspect of our functionality, and non-profits are no different. SMART Moms’ donations have been down due to the pandemic, but they are still doing everything they can to support the families in their care. While the in-person meetings have been completely stopped, they have continued to support the families with food donations and support via phone, text, cards and prayer.

If you would like to help support or get involved with SMART Moms, please:

  • Visit their website to Learn More or  Donate
  • Volunteer – call Traci Williams at 951-375-2594
  • Join their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on what SMART Moms is doing!

If you would like to learn more about how we can serve and protect your non-profit , call and speak with a member of the Stromsoe Insurance Total Protection Team at (951) 600-5751.

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