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7 Tips on Classifying Workers as Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Small business owners can hire individuals as either employees or independent contractors. Which classification a hired individual falls under is often a confusing process for business owners, but it’s this critical classification that affects what tax documents must be filed; how much you, the business owner, pays in taxes; as well as whether or not you should be withholding from

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Why You Should Require Liability Insurance For Those You Do Business With

Are the people you do business with insured? You might want to ask them. If a vendor, contractor, cleaning crew, gardener/arborist, or other service provider does not have insurance, you may be out of luck if they cause property damage or injury. Also, people who do not carry insurance are probably less likely responsible than those who are insured. They

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From Our Family to Yours-Happy 4th of July!

From our family to yours, we wish each of you a safe and happy 4th of July holiday weekend. In speaking to many people, typical celebrations will include parades, fireworks, ceremonies, barbecues, family gatherings, attendance at theatre events, concerts and even weddings! We’d love to hear what you are doing, if you have a moment, please scroll down, click comment

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Do You Keep An Open Dialogue With Your Doctor?

The Commonwealth Fund’s International Health Policy Survey reported that in the U.S.: • 38% of study participants left the doctor’s office without getting important questions answered. • Only 53% said their doctor involved them in treatment option decisions. • 41% said their doctor had not reviewed their list of medications in more than two years. Each of the above problems can

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The Economic Climate is Not The ONLY Great Unknown in 2010

The latest stats about your potential risk in the event you are sued in 2010, unfortunately, are not in your favor. Proper insurance not only indemnifies you, it defends you too. The Facts >>>>>>>>> Here’s 4 easy ways to reach us if you have any questions: 1. Phone 877.994.6787 2. Fax 951.677.6265 3. Email – 4.


Employee Substance Abuse & The Affect On Your Company’s Bottom Line

More than ever, some of your team may need you help. Here’s some info to consider: Employees with substance abuse problems cost businesses billions of dollars each year. According to the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, among the 17.8 million Americans aged 18 or older who admitted to illicit drug use, nearly 73% were employed. This equates

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