Get The Best Car Insurance Rates-We Can Help!

You just bought a new car, and now you’re searching for affordable car insurance. Once an insurance company is supplied with such information as the make and model of your car, your age, your address, etc., they provide a quote for your premium. But how exactly do they calculate that number? Read on to learn how insurance companies determine these rates. Different

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An Employee’s Online Activities May Be Risky For Your Business

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your business is liable for how your employees use the Internet while they’re on the job? Many business owners protect themselves by monitoring their employees’ e-mail and Internet usage, including instant messaging. Some employers are reluctant to implement an e-mail and Internet oversight policy. But monitoring e-mail communication and Web surfing has

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Holiday’s and Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

It is the beginning of the holiday season, what do you have planned for your residence and family members during these busy times? In addition November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month which is a great time to make a difference. As you prepare your activities for your residence, early and proper planning is essential in making an impact to your residence

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Health Care Facility Protection Advisor, Jim Nocero

Hello, my name is Jim Nocero, your Health Care Facility Commercial Protection Advisor. I have extensive knowledge in Care Facility operations and there Risk Management requirements. I believe we would both agree how important it is to reduce these costs and to assure our business and investments are safe and secure. As a past RCFE owner and a Licensed Administrator,

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Rental Car Coverage and Your Youthful Driver

As much as we don’t want it to at times, life happens. Part of life for some is auto accidents. Auto accidents where one is stopped in traffic, someone is not paying attention and rear ends another vehicle. Such was the case this week for one of our clients. Small caveat, she is under 21 years of age. The good news is, although sore,

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Insurance Follows The Vehicle First?

In the last 23 years I’ve heard over and over again from customers and consumers the following phrase “I’m covered driving any vehicle”. In some cases this is true and some cases it’s not, but here is the reality. In most states, and definitely in California, insurance follows the vehicle first and here’s what I mean. A registered owner of

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