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If You have a Business Email and a Bank Account – You are at Risk

  Greetings everybody. My name is Mike Stromsoe. I’m the President and one of the team leaders at Stromsoe Insurance Agency. And I am uber pumped and excited today in our ongoing series to better protect business owners and everything that they face out there in running their business. And we have something that has become a very big risk

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Stromsoe Cares COVID-19 Update March 26, 2020

Committed to Protecting You and Open to Serve You: Stromsoe Cares COVID-19 Update March 26, 2020 The U.S. Senate passed a $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill designed to provide economic relief to all Americans. The bill is now with the U.S. House of Representatives, and then will go to President Trump for his signature. Officials believe the bill is expected to

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Stromsoe Cares COVID-19 Update March 24, 2020

Committed to Protecting You and Open to Serve You: Stromsoe Cares COVID-19 Update March 24, 2020 For the latest update, please see Stromsoe Cares COVID-19 Update March 26, 2020. Your Stromsoe Insurance Agency team members are working remotely to serve and protect you. Here’s 5 easy ways to reach us anytime: Phone: 951-600-5751 Email: Text: 951-482-8144 Web: Payments and

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Mobile Devices Pose Data Breach Threats

With the ever growing use of tablets and smartphones in the workplace the risk of exposing more and more businesses to liability for sensitive data being compromised if these devices are lost, stolen, or hacked. How can your company protect itself against this threat – and how much authority do you have over an employee’s personal device if it’s also

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Understanding Small Business Insurance

There are four types of insurance that most small businesses purchase. The first is Property insurance. This type of coverage provides compensation if business property is damaged, stolen or lost. In addition to covering the physical business structure, property insurance covers personal property. This includes inventory, office furnishings, raw materials, computers, machinery and other items that are part of business

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7 Tips on Classifying Workers as Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Small business owners can hire individuals as either employees or independent contractors. Which classification a hired individual falls under is often a confusing process for business owners, but it’s this critical classification that affects what tax documents must be filed; how much you, the business owner, pays in taxes; as well as whether or not you should be withholding from

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