Home Owners Insurance


Key Things to Know About Your Homeowners Insurance

Make sure you know these essential things about your home coverage. Many homeowners make the mistake of only reviewing their insurance policies when disaster strikes.  However, this is the worst time to realize that you have coverage gaps or cannot afford your deductibles.  Rather than leaving yourself in this perilous situation, it’s important to review your policy for key pieces

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Use Spring Cleaning to Prevent Home Insurance Claims

How routine cleaning and maintenance can reduce your risk for damage and other issues. As a homeowner, you know that you are subject to a considerable amount of risk.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to address the various threats that you face.  For instance, completing routine cleaning and maintenance tasks this spring will reduce the chances of

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When to Give Your Home Insurer a Call

Instances when you should file a home insurance claim. If you have homeowners insurance in place, then you probably know to use your coverage in the event of major property damage.  However, many homeowners do not know the other situations in which they should access their insurance coverage.  If you ever find yourself in these situations, then it’s time to

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How Your Home Insurance Will Protect You from Mold

Here’s what your home insurance will cover when it comes to mold damage. As a homeowner, mold growth on your property is a serious problem.  Not only can mold result in damages to your home, but it can also create unsafe living conditions for your loved ones.  Fortunately, most homeowners insurance policies will offer some coverage to deal with mold

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Here are the Natural Disasters Your Home Insurance Will Protect Against

Will your home policy offer you the protection that you need in the face of a disaster? When you purchase homeowners insurance, it is on the assumption that your policy will have your back, no matter what comes your way. However, when it comes to natural disasters, this isn’t always the case. Read on to learn exactly what your homeowners

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Do You Need to Increase Your Personal Liability Coverage Limits?

Is your homeowners insurance offering you the liability protection you need? While most people associate homeowners insurance with protection against physical damages, your policy actually offers you four main coverages: property, personal property, loss of use, and personal liability. Your personal liability insurance is what protects you if you accidentally cause third-party injuries or damage, or if third-party losses take

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