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The Benefits of an Energy Audit on Your Commercial Property Insurance

The climate is changing and many individuals and companies are going green in an effort to save the planet, and there are actually some financial benefits as a cherry on top.  Many people and businesses are changing the way they harness energy. Instead of relying on fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gasses, they are looking to renewable sources of energy

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What You Didn’t Know About Small Business Insurance

Business insurance has some hidden features which you may not have known existed. Business insurance can protect your business and assets from covered damages. And aside from that, you may think of your policy as a rather dull piece of paper. But there may be a few surprises that your business insurance policy has up its sleeve. Here are a

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Is Your Business Ready for a Grand Opening?

Starting your own business is a great accomplishment, but what do you have to do to prepare it for the grand opening?  Opening your own business takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. There’s funding you have to get, a business plan to write, all the licenses for which you have to apply, and employees to hire. After all of

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What to Do on Small Business Saturday

The Saturday following Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday, know what you can do for your community on this great holiday celebrating the hard work of all small businesses.  Spending your money on your local small businesses helps the local economy grow which comes back around to make your and your neighbors’ life better. So it’s not just about supporting your local

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A Driver’s Guide to Commercial Auto Insurance

As a business owner, you may expect your car to be covered under all crash circumstances but the reality could not be more different.  Business owners are busy people who have to take meetings and run errands to keep their business alive. This goes double for small business owners. Your auto insurance policy will cover you for personal trips like picking

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Tips on Making Your Summer Hire in California Easier

Many employers hire seasonal workers to help them with their increased business during the summer. Summer employees may not be very hard to come by, but finding the right qualified employees can be a tough process. Not only do employers have to decide the demographics of the temporary help they need, but they also have to know where they’re going to

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