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Does Your Business Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Why you should secure commercial equipment breakdown insurance. Does your business rely on specialty or extremely expensive equipment?  If so, then stop for a moment and imagine what would happen if this equipment were to breakdown or suffer a serious mechanical issue.  If you did not have the resources to immediately repair or replace the broken equipment, then your business

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Should I Secure Commercial Umbrella Coverage?

Find out what commercial umbrella insurance can do for you. Liability claims are among the most serious and costly that a business can face.  This is why it’s incredibly important for business owners to secure the right commercial liability policies.  Unfortunately, even if you have all the standard commercial liability coverages in place, this still may not be enough to

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Tips for Creating a Newsletter for Your Small Business

Here’s how you can create a successful newsletter for your small business. A company newsletter is a great way to reach out to your customers and keep them informed about the latest news and happenings around your business.  Interested in creating a newsletter for your small business, but not sure where to begin?  Here are some suggestions to get you

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Do Standard Commercial Insurance Policies Protect Against Flood Damages?

How can I insure my business against floods? If your business is located in an area with high flood risk, then securing the right coverage for flood damages is a matter of grave importance. While many business owners assume that flood damages are covered under their commercial property insurance, this isn’t actually the case. Standard commercial property policies explicitly exclude

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How You Can Spot a Fake Workers Compensation Claim

Watch out for these signs of a fraudulent workers compensation insurance claim. While you always want to give your employees the benefit of the doubt, sometimes they are just criminals in disguise. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, workers compensation fraud costs the system approximately $30 billion on an annual basis. With workers compensation fraud such a widespread problem,

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How Small Business Owners Can Build Their Brand

Learn how you can create a strong branding campaign for your small business. When you are first launching your small business, one of the most important things to think about is your company’s branding. While you might assume branding is as easy as choosing a company name and designing a logo, there’s actually a lot more planning and organization that

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