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What Types of Insurance Do You Need If Your Business Operates Online?

Cyber Liability Your digital business should secure itself and its information while online. In the event of a data breach, cyber liability insurance will protect your business IF you have the right coverage forms. If information is hacked or leaked, it’s not a pleasant experience when the information is stolen AND there are high costs associated with the aftermath of an information

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What is Business Insurance?

If you only take away one thing from this post, let it be that you should make sure your coverage is the right fit for you and your business before disaster strikes. The purpose of business insurance is to minimize the financial risk that comes with running a business. Whether you’re running a company on your own or building a

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Why Do I Need Business Insurance if I Work from Home?

When you are a home-based business, it’s common to think that skipping out on business insurance will be no big deal. In fact, you may love the lowered overhead. Skipping business insurance opens you and your business for financial disaster. Working from home doesn’t take away your risk, and your homeowners policy likely does NOT protect you and your business

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If You have a Business Email and a Bank Account – You are at Risk

  Greetings everybody. My name is Mike Stromsoe. I’m the President and one of the team leaders at Stromsoe Insurance Agency. And I am uber pumped and excited today in our ongoing series to better protect business owners and everything that they face out there in running their business. And we have something that has become a very big risk

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State Fund Announces Two Separate Funds to Assist California Workers and Businesses

The California State Compensation Fund announced two separate funds to assist California workers and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.  The Essential Business Support Fund and the Essential Worker Support Fund are funds available through State Fund to help California businesses and workers. The State Fund Essential Business Support Fund, a $25-million fund designed to assist our policyholders who are operating

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Does Your Vehicle Wrap Have Separate Coverage?

Do you advertise your business with a vehicle wrap? We know that vehicle advertising can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions, but is your vehicle wrap properly insured? Did you know that you must carry a commercial policy for your vehicle’s liability and a separate coverage for the advertising liability? Your insurance could be void if your car has

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