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How Much Car Insurance Is Enough?

Coverage with Stromsoe How much car insurance is enough? Everybody knows that you NEED to have insurance but how much insurance is enough. You may have heard the insurance term 15/30/5 used frequently…but what does that mean for your insurance policy? In the early 1960’s the state of California set the MINIMUM insurance limits that you must carry. That translates

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How Your Driving Experience and Age Affect Your Car Insurance Costs

Young, inexperienced drivers end up paying more for auto coverage. When your insurance provider calculates your auto insurance rates, they will look at a variety of personal factors.  Two of the factors that will influence your premium calculations are your driving experience and age.  Here’s how these things will influence your coverage costs. Inexperienced Drivers Auto insurers assume that the

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Teach Your Teen These Driving Safety Lessons

Make sure your teen stays safe behind the wheel. If your teen is learning how to drive, then their safety should always be your main priority.  When it comes to driving safety, it’s important that you start with the basics.  Here are some of the things that you should teach your teen to help them become safe and responsible drivers.

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Don’t Overspend on Your Teen’s Auto Insurance

Avoid these costly mistakes when insuring your teen driver. If your teen is ready to set out on the open road, then it’s time to secure them the auto insurance coverage that they need.  Unfortunately, because teens are less experienced drivers and have a bad reputation for being reckless, auto insurers tend to charge more for their coverage.  However, many

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Don’t Let These Mistakes Drive Up Your Auto Insurance Rates

Don’t make these costly car insurance mistakes. As a car owner, securing and managing your auto insurance can be a difficult task.  To make matters worse, making mistakes with your coverage can result in higher rates and other costs.  If you do not want your car insurance to cost more than it has to, make sure you avoid these common

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The February 2019 update of Mike Stromsoe’s The Protection Coach® has arrived.  This issue is jam-packed with all the latest news and tips for clients and friends of Stromsoe Insurance Agency. The Protection Coach® –February 2019 (Click here to download) Inside this edition..                                                                   What does your total protection team LOVE??? 3 Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas! Accidents Happen: Photo Cheat

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