Are You in Need of Hand Sanitizer?

One of our amazing clients sent us some information on a product her company provides. During these uncertain times, we thought we’d pass it to you!


Here is what she says:

“I hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this Covid-19 crisis.  It has been tough for everyone with the closing of businesses, hording of groceries, and the uncertainly of health issues.  All we can do is help each other get thorough this as we are all in this together!

I  have been with Real Time Pain Relief for the past 6 years.  RTPR has been dedicated to the well being of families since 1998.  We continue to develop products that people need that are made with natures ingredients and free from harsh chemicals.  Well, during this crisis, we have really stepped up to help the community.

We have formulated a 70% alcohol hand sanitizer with added moisturizers and no harsh chemicals. It kills 99.99% of germs (including the Coronavirus) and since we are monitored in an FDA registered facility, Yes, we can say that!


So my question to you is … do you need hand sanitizer? Or do you know others who are looking for it and can’t find it? We have an opportunity to be the supply to the demand. Whether you want one for yourself or you would like to purchase extra to help family or sell to others, you can click on this link to check out our offer.

This will take you to the “Bulk” offer page but there is a link in that page that will give you the opportunity to purchase 1-3 tubes if you only need it for yourself.

PLEASE feel free to forward this [information] to anyone that is looking for a high quality hand sanitizer (and that includes retail businesses and / or medical facilities) who have not been unable to keep up with the demand of this much needed product!

If we can keep germs at bay, it will help all of us get through this crisis together. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me about the product or the opportunity to help your community, I would love to speak with you.

Take care and be safe!
Sheri Weaver

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