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You’re driving to work when your car drops into a huge pothole, damaging your car’s suspension. What should you do about suspension damage?

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Suspension Damage?

Costs can vary dramatically depending on the damage and your vehicle. The suspension system is made up of a variety of parts and repair costs can quickly add up. A full suspension replacement may run up to $5,000.

  • Strut / Shock Absorber replacement – between $488 and $597
  • Wheel Alignment – between $115 and $302
  • Ball Joint Replacement – between $225 and $285

Your Insurance Coverage

Damage from “colliding” with a pothole, would be paid by your collision coverage on your auto insurance policy.


Should You File a Claim?

Collision comes with a deductible. In all cases, contact your local independent insurance agent to determine if the damage is  enough to make a claim worthwhile.

Filing a collision claim will normally result in a premium increase. Its often best to save your insurance for major repairs and pay smaller ones out of pocket. However, if your entire suspension needs to be replaced or you can’t afford the repairs, using your insurance may be a necessity. If you have questions, you can always talk to your experienced, local independent insurance agent to see what is right for your situation.

TIP: If you incur damage to your suspension, your vehicle may not be safe to drive. Consider having your vehicle towed instead. Also, take photos and, if needed, a video of the scene while you’re there.


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