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Car Insurance Scenario

You’re driving along the highway when you get stuck behind a big rig. You get closer, looking to pass, but the big rig kicks a rock at your car, cracking the windshield. What should you do about a cracked windshield?

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Cracked Windshield?

In most cases, assuming you have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, your claim payment will be subject to your deductible. However, if you do not carry comprehensive coverage, you will be paying out-of-pocket for your windshield.

A small crack can be repaired, even without insurance. However, windshield replacement, especially if you are cruising in a high-end car, can be pricey.

According to Safelite, repairing one small crack on a hypothetical 2016 Toyota Camry will set you back roughly $110. On the other hand, entire windshield replacement can cost $410. Repairing a windshield on a high-end car can easily push the price into the thousands.

Your Insurance Coverage

Windshield replacement or repair would be covered by comprehensive auto insurance. It’s important to get a crack repaired, before it spreads across the windshield.


Should You File a Claim?

There often isn’t a downside to making a claim for a windshield replacement. You’ll get a new windshield, many times for the cost of your deductible and in numerous cases your premium won’t be affected come renewal time. If you have questions, you can always talk to your experienced, local independent insurance agent to see what is right for your situation.


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