Business Umbrella Insurance for a Rainy Day

What does commercial insurance need a business umbrella for? You might be thinking like this and we get this question a lot. Well, I’ve got a corporation. My veil is protected. Nobody’s ever gonna be able to pierce, the corporate veil. Sure about that? We hope not. And any corporate documents, any LLC documents, any written legal documents, are only as good as the person that wrote them, and the maintenance there of them.

At the end of the day, what I want you to think about when you’re thinking about protecting your empire, is the entity. Because insurance follows the entity first.

You’ve got to look at the underlying limit requirements, of the contract, and you need to evaluate your business auto; your workers’ comp; your general liability; and any other operations that you’ve got, to make sure they’re all protected under the umbrella. That underlying limit schedule, which is part of the policy, is a key component, to make sure that your umbrella coverage, responds and steps up. If that claim ever does happen, we want to make sure that protection is there, for you.


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