The Secrets to Helping with Your Claim

Imagine this: It’s Saturday afternoon and you hear a loud noise. Your fence has blown down due to high winds. Should a claim be reported to your insurance company immediately?

This is what you should consider to determine if filing a claim is a good idea:

Reporting Your Claim | The very first thing you’ll want to do when you think you may have a claim on your hands, is to contact our agency immediately to discuss your claim. There are some cases where filing a claim may not be in your best interest. For example, if the amount of work to be done will not exceed your deductible, then the cost will be out-of-pocket and you now have a claim listed on your policy. Once you’ve discussed the situation with your agent, you’ll want to make a record of any damage and be ready to submit photos, videos and documentation of all pertinent facts, including names, phone numbers, witnesses, etc. The last immediate step to take is to prevent any further damage.

If you decide to submit a claim after a conversation with your agent, here are some of the next steps you will experience:

  1. Assigning Your Claims Adjuster| An adjuster is assigned to you to assist with all of the steps of your claim. This is the person who will give you information about next steps and help you if you need payment assistance, such as additional living expenses. It’s important to remember, that just because you have been assigned a claims specialist, this doesn’t mean your Stromsoe Insurance Protection Team isn’t here to support you through the process. We’re just a call, text or click away!
  2. Evaluation & Inspection | Your claims adjuster will gather information about your case and the level of damage sustained while evaluating your claim. This is when you may be asked to provide documentation of damage, such as photos or an inventory list.    Quick Tip: Keep all of your receipts, make notes of who you talk to along with phone numbers, emails and everything that happens during your claims process! From temporary repairs to additional living expenses and food.
  3. Estimating & Determining Coverage | After gathering all of the facts and your documentation of the event, your adjuster will review their findings and your policy and if coverage applies, will prepare and estimate of what they propose to pay for your damages.
  4. Payment & Repair | Your claims adjuster can now issue payments based on the terms of your policy! If you have a mortgage, your lender may have the right to be included as a payee.    Quick Tip: If a contractor asked you to sign a “direction to pay” your insurance company may be required to pay the contractor directly. Again, contact your independent insurance agent before signing anything.
  5. Resolution | Your claim is now resolved, but we are here to help you keep your investments safe. If you or your contractor discover additional damages, contact us immediately so we can help!


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