Holiday Traditions with the Stromsoe Team

Every family has their own way of celebrating the holidays, so we asked your Stromsoe Total Protection Team what their favorite holiday traditions are come December!

24 Days of Christmas Movies and Books

Before December hits I individually wrap 23 holiday DVDs and books. Each night, my son will pick one at random and that is what we read or watch before he goes to bed. On Christmas Eve I always pull out A Muppet Christmas Carol, since that what I watched with my mom growing up. I may have added on to the tradition over time, but it reminds me of my Christmases when I was little.

Making Christmas Cookies for the Neighbors

For every holiday, my family gets together and we make holiday cookies to pass out to our friends and neighbors. They are always so excited to get them and the their faces show my kids what the holidays are all about.

Searching for Christmas Lights

Every year, the whole family piles into the car and we follow a route to see all of the best decorated and brightly lit houses in the area. It’s always such a special time and it’s so nice to be with the family.

Building Gingerbread Houses with Friends

Our friends come over every year and build gingerbread houses. We have such a great time decorating and most of them are still standing by the end of it!


Hand Prints on the Tree Skirt

Every year my son puts another hand print on the outer edge of the tree skirt, so we can see how he grows every year and how our little family has grown over time!

Stealing Presents with Extended Family

When we see our extended family we always do the steal a present game. It’s so great to be able to play a game together and not have to spend a fortune on every single person. The holidays are about being together anyway, so this works perfect for us.

Matching Pajamas for Christmas Eve

I grew up this way and now my kid does this too. Everyone opens a single present on Christmas Eve every year, and it’s always matching pajamas! It’s nice to sit together and watch a movie or hang out with all the siblings while we’re all in our matching pajamas. My mom used to love finding something to make us all match too. Her reaction was always too funny!

Yorkshire Pudding and Standing Rib Roast

Since I was little, our entire family has celebrated 12th Night. During this celebration, we enjoy Yorkshire Pudding and Standing Rib Roast. To top it off, we have Plum Pudding with a sugar sauce for dessert and we light a holly leaf doused in brandy for good luck. Its a hard core English tradition and always such a great time with the family.