How to Prepare Your Business for Wildfires

California is no stranger to wildfires. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, wildfires in California destroyed 703 commercial/mixed residential structures in 2019 disrupting businesses and perhaps halting operations altogether. Whether it is burning embers, radiant heat or direct flame contact, it is important to be prepared for wildfires by taking measures to safeguard your business.

So, how can you prevent wildfire loss, what should you do during a wildfire and how can you protect your business’ assets if they are damaged or destroyed?

How to Prevent Wildfire Loss

The best way to keep your business safe from a wildfire loss is to take preventative action:

  • Clearing dead vegetation from roofs, gutters and decks.
  • Closing off all vents in attics and crawl spaces to keep burning embers from blowing into your structure.
  • Never parking commercial vehicles on dry vegetation and cleaning up any spilled gas or motor oil.
  • Removing any combustible materials from underneath decks and porches.

What to Do During a Wildfire

Business owners have a responsibility to ensure their property is ready for wildfires. In the event a wildfire does approach your business, protect it and your employees by:

  • Listening carefully to news alerts and public service announcements for air quality reports and wildfire updates on television, radio or smartphones.
  • Following your company wildfire response plan and holding practice drills to make sure your staff knows evacuation routes and safe places to go.
  • Propping a ladder on the side of the building to give firefighters access to the roof.
  • Turning on water hoses and filling containers with water.
  • Removing any combustible materials from the area surrounding the property.
  • Turning a light on in each room of the office for visibility in the event of smoke.
  • Closing all doors and windows, but not locking them.
  • Moving upholstered office furniture away from windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Turning off the air conditioning system.

Commercial Property Insurance and Wildfires

Every business owner faces a different set of challenges and risks when it comes to wildfires. That’s why Stromsoe Insurance Agency is here to find the coverage that is right for you. A commercial property insurance policy or business owners policy (BOP) can protect your assets, provide liability coverage and provides loss of business income coverage.

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