Holiday Traditions with the Stromsoe Team

Every family has their own way of celebrating the holidays, so we asked your Stromsoe Total Protection Team what their favorite holiday traditions are come December!

24 Days of Christmas Movies and Books

Before December hits I individually wrap 23 holiday DVDs and books. Each night, my son will pick one at random and that is what we read or watch before he goes to bed. On Christmas Eve I always pull out A Muppet Christmas Carol, since that what I watched with my mom growing up. I may have added on to the tradition over time, but it reminds me of my Christmases when I was little.

Making Christmas Cookies for the Neighbors

For every holiday, my family gets together and we make holiday cookies to pass out to our friends and neighbors. They are always so excited to get them and the their faces show my kids what the holidays are all about.

Searching for Christmas Lights

Every year, the whole family piles into the car and we follow a route to see all of the best decorated and brightly lit houses in the area. It’s always such a special time and it’s so nice to be with the family.

Building Gingerbread Houses with Friends

Our friends come over every year and build gingerbread houses. We have such a great time decorating and most of them are still standing by the end of it!


Hand Prints on the Tree Skirt

Every year my son puts another hand print on the outer edge of the tree skirt, so we can see how he grows every year and how our little family has grown over time!

Stealing Presents with Extended Family

When we see our extended family we always do the steal a present game. It’s so great to be able to play a game together and not have to spend a fortune on every single person. The holidays are about being together anyway, so this works perfect for us.

Matching Pajamas for Christmas Eve

I grew up this way and now my kid does this too. Everyone opens a single present on Christmas Eve every year, and it’s always matching pajamas! It’s nice to sit together and watch a movie or hang out with all the siblings while we’re all in our matching pajamas. My mom used to love finding something to make us all match too. Her reaction was always too funny!

Yorkshire Pudding and Standing Rib Roast

Since I was little, our entire family has celebrated 12th Night. During this celebration, we enjoy Yorkshire Pudding and Standing Rib Roast. To top it off, we have Plum Pudding with a sugar sauce for dessert and we light a holly leaf doused in brandy for good luck. Its a hard core English tradition and always such a great time with the family.

Term Life Insurance! What is it?

What Is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that guarantees payment if the covered person dies during a specified term. Once the term expires, depending on the company and coverage, the policyholder can either renew it for another term, convert the policy to permanent coverage, or allow the policy to terminate. Term life insurance provides a death benefit, but typically no cash value whereas whole life insurance has a cash value that accumulates over time and creates an asset which may be used during your lifetime.

How Term Life Insurance Works

The insurance provider calculates the premiums when you purchase a term life insurance policy based on the payout amount on the policy as well as the age, gender, and health of the named insured. A medical assessment may be required in some cases. You might also be asked about your driving record, prescription drugs, smoking status, profession, interests and family background by the insurance provider.

If you pass away within the insurance term, the insurer will pay the beneficiaries the payout value of the policy. This cash benefit, which in most cases is not taxed, can be used by beneficiaries to pay for any hospital or funeral expenses, personal loans, or mortgage debt. If the policy expires before your death, there is no payout.  It is possible to extend a term contract at the expiration, but the premiums may be recalculated with your age at the time of renewal.


Term Life Insurance Explained

Because this coverage offers a protection for a limited period and includes only a death payout, term life is typically the more affordable option. The overall risk to the insurer is lower than that of a whole life policy, and most term life insurance plans expire before paying a death benefit. The reduced risk helps insurers cut premiums.

Term life insurance tends to be the least costly choice for life insurance when you assess the amount of coverage that you receive for your premium. Interest rates, the insurance company’s financials, and state laws will also impact premiums.


Don’t know what to read next? No problem!


Benefits of Term Life Insurance

For young parents, this coverage is more attractive. For relatively low premiums, they can receive a substantial amount of coverage. The substantial benefit will offset lost income if a parent dies.

For people who temporarily require unique sums of life insurance, these plans are often ideal. For instance, the policyholder will calculate that their beneficiaries may no longer require additional income support or will have accrued adequate assets to self-insure by the time the policy expires.


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How to Prepare Your Business for Wildfires

California is no stranger to wildfires. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, wildfires in California destroyed 703 commercial/mixed residential structures in 2019 disrupting businesses and perhaps halting operations altogether. Whether it is burning embers, radiant heat or direct flame contact, it is important to be prepared for wildfires by taking measures to safeguard your business.

So, how can you prevent wildfire loss, what should you do during a wildfire and how can you protect your business’ assets if they are damaged or destroyed?

How to Prevent Wildfire Loss

The best way to keep your business safe from a wildfire loss is to take preventative action:

  • Clearing dead vegetation from roofs, gutters and decks.
  • Closing off all vents in attics and crawl spaces to keep burning embers from blowing into your structure.
  • Never parking commercial vehicles on dry vegetation and cleaning up any spilled gas or motor oil.
  • Removing any combustible materials from underneath decks and porches.

What to Do During a Wildfire

Business owners have a responsibility to ensure their property is ready for wildfires. In the event a wildfire does approach your business, protect it and your employees by:

  • Listening carefully to news alerts and public service announcements for air quality reports and wildfire updates on television, radio or smartphones.
  • Following your company wildfire response plan and holding practice drills to make sure your staff knows evacuation routes and safe places to go.
  • Propping a ladder on the side of the building to give firefighters access to the roof.
  • Turning on water hoses and filling containers with water.
  • Removing any combustible materials from the area surrounding the property.
  • Turning a light on in each room of the office for visibility in the event of smoke.
  • Closing all doors and windows, but not locking them.
  • Moving upholstered office furniture away from windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Turning off the air conditioning system.

Commercial Property Insurance and Wildfires

Every business owner faces a different set of challenges and risks when it comes to wildfires. That’s why Stromsoe Insurance Agency is here to find the coverage that is right for you. A commercial property insurance policy or business owners policy (BOP) can protect your assets, provide liability coverage and provides loss of business income coverage.

Looking for more wildfire resources?


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Dee Jespersen – Client Since 2008

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Non-Profit Spotlight: JDS Creative Academy

Our community is full of incredible people and organizations, out making a difference for others! In this month’s Non-Profit Spotlight we’d like to recognize JDS Creative Academy (JDSCA)!

JDSCA was founded by Scott and Diane Strand, the owners of JDS Video & Media Productions and JDS Actors Studio. In it infancy, the acting classes had such an incredible response that they decided to start the non-profit JDS Creative Academy. From industry professionals to community leaders, the board oversees the running of a Title-17 program that provides professional, hands-on job-training skills to adults with autism, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, and other intellectual developmental special needs.

Throughout COVID closures they have had to adapt every aspect of their programs. For example, their 3-day Digifest event has now become an 8 hour, live streamed production! While the format may have changed, they are still able to provide their job-training program to their Inland Regional participants as well as students in their visual, performing and digital-arts classes.

For the month of December 2020 Stromsoe Insurance will donate $20 to JDS Creative Academy for every referral that comes to our team!

Learn More about The 2020 Vision Referral Rewards Program HERE…


JDSCA and their Spirit of Innovation team were awarded 6 Telly Awards. The Telly Awards honors excellence in video and television across all screens and is judged by leaders from video platforms, television, streaming networks, production companies and includes executives from Dow Jones, Duplass Brothers Productions, Complex Networks, A&E Networks, Hearst Media, ESPN Films, RYOT, Vice+ and Vimeo.

The SOI Update and JDS Creative Academy Student PSA-Seat Belt Safety won for Diversity and Inclusion. The Spotlight on Foodie Destinations, Voice of Innovation on Riverside County Jobs Outlook & A.I., as well as the Impact Story on Learning Disability Month and Notable Women of Temecula won for News and News Feature.

JDS Creative Academy has their hands in a wide array of training and classes within the fields of Fashion Design, Acting, Backstage Production, Scriptwriting and Photography. The non-profit holds classes, workshops, and camps, all in addition to a job-training program for adults with disabilities. When asked about misunderstanding that JDSCA often finds people have about their organization, they had this to say:

The biggest misconception of the program is that we only host the job-training program. Also, many people think we are an intermediate school. Yes, we are an academy for performing and digital arts, but we don’t teach the A-G academics. We want the community to know we do and we teach. As a hands-on creative academy, we advance career pathways for all individuals in the visual, performing and digital arts, while providing resources for the community, a progressive art culture, inclusiveness, and need-to-know and good-to-know news and information.


Each month, JDS Creative Academy broadcasts a live magazine-style news program, Spirit of Innovation. You can watch their episode from October 29, 2020 below, or subscribe to @SOI_News on YouTube to be kept up-to-date. In the new year they will be launching their spring semester of visual, performing and digital arts classes as well as opening for submissions to their 5th annual Digifest competition.

While JDS Creative Academy does accept monetary donations, you can support them by simply following their social media channels and engaging with their posts and videos by liking, sharing and commenting! Have you worked with JDSCA? Leave them a Google review!

If you would like to help support JDS Creative Academy, please engage with them using the following:

For the month of December 2020 Stromsoe Insurance will donate $20 to JDS Creative Academy for every referral that comes to our team!

Learn More about The 2020 Vision Referral Rewards Program HERE…

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