Non-Profit Spotlight: Safe Alternatives for Everyone (SAFE)

Our community is full of incredible people and organizations, out making a difference for others! In this month’s Non-Profit Spotlight we’d like to recognize Safe Alternatives for Everyone (SAFE)!

SAFE was founded in 1998 as a victim service agency focused on supporting the needs of Domestic Violence victims. Starting as a volunteer based organization, they have expanded into a full-service non-profit as the needs of abuse victims has grown. In 2019, SAFE merged with the Family Justice Centers to become the Riverside County SAFE Family Justice Centers. They now have four centers across Riverside county! These centers are able to provide lifesaving support for people who have been abused and offer ongoing case management and stabilization services to help victims recover from the impact of abuse.

Overtime, there has been a shift in a portion of SAFE’s focus to prevention of abuse. Many children are in their centers each year and because abuse is a learned behavior, SAFE has provided a number of youth programs and access to emotional support and mentorship. The programs teach them social emotional learning skills that help them cope with anger and promote resiliency, healthy relationship building and confidence.

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Some of the services provided by  SAFE are:

  • basic needs assistance
  • case management
  • emergency assistance
  • police activities league
  • training and workshops
  • parent project
  • resources and referrals

Another important service they provide is Safety Planning. Executive Director Katie Gilbertson spoke with us to shed some light on exactly what that entails.

Safety planning is one of the most important services that we provide. When someone has been hurt by a person they know, for example, an intimate partner or a parent, the likelihood for additional instances of abuse and escalation of that abuse is very high and can in some cases result in life ending situations. Safety planning allows for our victim advocates to meet and talk to someone who is experiencing abuse. During the meeting we talk about what has happened with them and we perform a needs assessment- we learn about their fears, the resources they have to get help, and educate them on how to stay safe and use the resources that they have in their life. If they do not have any resources, we will strive to get them what they need.

Often, our survivors have been dealing with abuse for so long that they are not able to recognize how dangerous their situation is. They experience it and survive through it every day, and safety planning brings awareness to the risks they are facing. Our goal is to remind our survivors that they are not alone and empower them to make the best and safest decisions for themselves and their families.

The Affects of COVID

Amid the pandemic, victims are suffering due to the added difficulty. They have much less unmonitored free time to reach out for help or services. SAFE was able to keep their doors open during the closures for victims in needs. They have also been able to adapt many of their services and program to be virtual. They are now able to provide access remotely where they may not have previously.


When asked if there was anything else that SAFE would like us to share, Gilbertson had wonderful things to say! “We are so proud to serve our community and those who need us. SAFE FJC has grown remarkably in the last few years and we are committed to providing the best possible services to each client that we serve. Through personalized safety planning and case management along with all our community partnerships are changing lives and keeping out families safe every day. Every victim, family and child deserves safety and stability, and it is our mission to bring light to their darkness and give them hope for a brighter future.”

If you would like to help support Safe Alternatives for Everyone, please:

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Learn More about The 2020 Vision Referral Rewards Program HERE…

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