Who’s the Next Non-Profit Spotlight?

Up in the Idyllwild Mountain Communities, reaching areas like as Paradise Corners, Pine Cove, Mt Baldy Ranch, Garner Valley and Mountain Centers, there is an incredible non-profit providing compassion, socialization and support to the communities’ seniors. Idy’s Helping Hands connects their seniors with the services they need to live and age in place with dignity and grace. “[Their] highest goal as an organization is to enrich the lives of [community] seniors and adult disabled residents through heart-centered compassionate practices of companionship, socialization, emotional support and engagement in meaningful, leisure-based activities designed to promote well-being and happiness.”

Through local volunteers and generous donations, they are able to provide connections to resources and help with the supporting paperwork, transportation for appointments, food bank pick up & delivery, home visits & well checks, respite services for home caregivers, help with running errands, socialization both with volunteers and with the other seniors in the community, and outreach phone calls. They have sought out to inspire compassionate connections and to bring their seniors out of isolation, even if how they do that has changed in the current climate.

Debbie Daniels, the Executive Director & Treasurer, was an Administrator for an Assisted Living Facility for 7 years. She would come in when she had time off and during holidays so that she could interact with the residents without being pulled away to complete her administrative tasks. When she moved to Idyllwild, she knew she wanted to get involved with the community by supporting the growth of companionship for seniors. Her passion turned into Idy’s Helping Hands.

In the uncertainty of Coronavirus, the way that we all function changed dramatically, but the need for socialization and companionship did not go away. Idy’s Helping Hands delivers Healthy At Home lunches every Thursday to the seniors, adults with disabilities and high risk residents on the hill and in surrounding areas. In just 10 weeks they have delivered 315 meals, delivering up to 54 meals a week with the help of your donations and partnerships with local eateries like the Red Kettle and Amelia’s Donuts. They were even able to deliver beautiful lilac bouquets in glass vases when the lilac farm, Alpenglow Lilac Gardens, wasn’t able to open for the season. This program is more than a sandwich; the sandwich is a vehicle in which Debbie explains, “we show up and they feel acknowledged, valued and appreciated.”

If you would like to support Idy’s Helping Hands, please visit their website to volunteer or donate. Additionally, if you have an idea of how to continue their quest of compassion and socialization for the seniors in Idyllwild and the surrounding areas, please contact them through their Facebook page.

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