We Are All in This Together – Personal Auto Premium Relief

From our family to yours, we wish you safety, wellness and health in these times that we all have never experienced before.

Your Stromsoe Insurance Total Protection Team is here to help you and anyone you know in any way….to make things a little easier right now.

Please know that many of our insurance carrier partners are taking massive action to support their loyal customers during these uncertain times, when many people are experiencing difficulties. Here is an update for you discussing the personal auto premium relief programs offered by many carriers right now.

As of right now, at least 8 personal auto insurance carriers have announced their intention to provide premium relief to their loyal customers in these difficult times. The reason insurance companies can do this is people are simply not driving their cars as much, therefore less miles are being driven and there are fewer claims. Many leading companies have decided to provide their customers the benefit of there being fewer claims.

It’s really important for all to understand that every company has created their own unique program of delivering relief funds. As of now, every company has advised that all relief fund deliveries are “subject to state or regulatory or Department of Insurance” approval.

For exact details about your specific insurance program, here’s 4 easy ways to reach our office to connect with one our helpful Protection Coaches:

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