Teach Your Teen These Driving Safety Lessons

Make sure your teen stays safe behind the wheel.

If your teen is learning how to drive, then their safety should always be your main priority.  When it comes to driving safety, it’s important that you start with the basics.  Here are some of the things that you should teach your teen to help them become safe and responsible drivers.

  • Avoid Driving with Passengers

For an inexperienced driver, having a lot of passengers in the car can be extremely overwhelming and can distract them from driving safely.  To ensure that your child does not put themselves and their friends at risk, place restrictions on who and how many people they can drive around.

  • Stay Vigilant

Many drivers, not just teens, become less vigilant as they get more comfortable behind the wheel.  However, failing to scan your area, use your mirrors, and check your blind spots could mean missing a serious driving hazard.  When teaching your teen how to drive, show them how to stay vigilant when they are changing lanes, turning, and even when stopped.

  • Do Not Drive While Tired or Distracted

While you might not give it a second thought, driving while sleepy or distracted is just as dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol.  To ensure that your child does not put themselves and others at risk, teach them to never drive while sleepy, emotionally compromised, or otherwise distracted.

Teach your teen these lessons to help them become safe drivers.  Want another way to keep your teen safe behind the wheel?  Then make sure you have the right auto insurance protection at the best price by giving our knowledgeable Total Protection Team a call at 951-600-5751, sending an email to insure@siaonline.com, or stopping by our Murrieta, California office today.  We are always happy to help!