Use Spring Cleaning to Prevent Home Insurance Claims

How routine cleaning and maintenance can reduce your risk for damage and other issues.

As a homeowner, you know that you are subject to a considerable amount of risk.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to address the various threats that you face.  For instance, completing routine cleaning and maintenance tasks this spring will reduce the chances of you having to file an insurance claim.  Here are some of the tasks that you should take care of this season.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Over winter, leaves, dirt, and other debris is sure to have accumulated in your gutters.  Should you experience spring showers, then your gutters might get clogged and begin to overflow.  This could lead to water seeping through your roof or into your home’s foundations.  To prevent this type of damage, make sure that you completely clear out your gutters as you spring clean.

Clean Out Your Vents and Filters

During your spring cleaning, you should make sure to pay particular attention to your home’s vents, filters, and ducts.  You should be particularly careful of the vents leading to and from your dryer and your furnace filter.  You should carefully remove lint and dust from these filters to ensure that it does not catch fire when it is exposed to the extreme heat that your dryer and furnace produce.

Fix Up Your Lawn

Now that spring weather is here to stay, you should clear away the dead leaves, twigs, and other debris that has accumulated in your yard.  At this time, you should also fill in any holes that may have formed in your lawn.  Taking these steps will reduce the chances of someone falling and injuring themselves on your property.

Take these steps to prevent homeowners insurance claims.  Make sure you have the right home insurance protection at the best price by giving our knowledgeable Total Protection Team a call at 951-600-5751, sending an email to, or stopping by our Murrieta, California office today.  We are always happy to help!