How You Can Spot a Fake Workers Compensation Claim

Watch out for these signs of a fraudulent workers compensation insurance claim.

While you always want to give your employees the benefit of the doubt, sometimes they are just criminals in disguise. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, workers compensation fraud costs the system approximately $30 billion on an annual basis. With workers compensation fraud such a widespread problem, it’s important to keep an eye out for a fake claim at your place of business. Here are some of the signs you should watch out for.

Inconsistencies in the Employee’s Story

If your employee’s account of the story keeps changing or if their account does not fit the evidence gathered at the scene, this is a clear sign of dishonesty.

A Lack of Witnesses

While it’s possible that the employee was simply alone at the time of the incident, if the employee normally works around others, you may want to investigate their story a little more closely if no one witnessed the accident.

The Involvement of a Problematic Employee

If the employee has expressed their dissatisfaction with the company or had performance or behavioral issues in the past, they may have submitted a claim as a way of getting back at the company. Make sure you investigate the employee’s account very carefully for any inconsistencies.

An Unwillingness to Cooperate

Sustaining an injury at work is a scary experience, but if the employee is being particularly unresponsive or difficult, then it’s possible that they are hiding something. Refusing to undergo diagnostic tests or not responding to communication efforts should raise a red flag for you.

These are some of the signs of workers compensation insurance fraud that you need to look out for. Do you have further questions regarding your workers compensation or other commercial insurance needs? If so, contact the experts at Stromsoe Insurance Agency in Murrieta, California. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you today.

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