Halloween Home Safety Tips

Get your home ready for a safe Halloween night.

Halloween is right around the corner! As you and your family pick costumes and stock up on candy, it’s also important to prepare your home for all your Halloween visitors. Here are some of the things you should take care of leading up to and on Halloween night to keep your guests and your home safe.

Decoration Safety

When decorating your home, it’s important that you do not hang heavy decorations overhead. This is because these decorations could cause property damage or injuries if they were to fall. Additionally, it’s important that you do not decorate using real candles, not even in your jack-o-lanterns. Using real candles will increase your home’s chance for fire, and your guests’ chance for burns. Finally, make sure that you don’t leave small decorations on your lawn or walkways. These decorations could pose a tripping hazard for your Halloween visitors.

Preventing Vandalism

On Halloween night, there is an increased chance for vandalism and car theft. To reduce your risk of being targeted, leave your home’s external lights on all night. Vandals will be less likely to hit your home for fear of being spotted and caught. On Halloween night, you should also be sure to park your car in the garage and bring all your outdoor furniture inside. This will ensure that your belongings are not stolen or vandalized by Halloween pranksters.

Protecting Your Pets

Finally, you should also be sure to protect your furry friends this Halloween. To start, the constant arrival of visitors can cause your pets to become stressed, making them more likely to run away or act aggressively. For the safety of your pets and your visitors, consider keeping your pets in a secure location away from your front door. Additionally, make sure you don’t feed your pet any human Halloween treats. Many human foods (such as chocolate) are actually toxic to animals.

These are some of the suggestions you should try to keep your home and visitors safe this Halloween. Want another way to safeguard your home? Make sure you have the right homeowners insurance protections in place. For assistance with all your home coverage needs, contact the experts at Stromsoe Insurance Agency in Murrieta, California. We are ready to get you covered today.

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