Preparing Your Teen for Unexpected Driving Situations

Teach your teen these skills so they’re ready for any unexpected driving situation.

While your teen may feel confident in their driving abilities, as a parent, you know that there are plenty of unexpected driving situations that your teen might encounter while on the road.  Make sure your teen is prepared for these scenarios by teaching them these skills.

Bad Weather Driving

When your teen first learned to drive, they probably honed their skill in perfect driving situations.  However, your teen won’t always be out when it’s bright, sunny, and dry.  That’s why it’s so important to teach your child how to drive in bad weather conditions.  The next time it’s windy or raining, take your child out for some driving practice and advise him or her on the best defensive driving strategies to employ in each weather condition.  Teaching your teen these skills will prepare them for when they have to drive in bad weather.

Navigating with a Map

In the age of smart phones, many teens simply rely on their devices to navigate unfamiliar areas.  However, if your teen is ever lost and does not have access to cell service, they could end up stranded.  To avoid this situation, teach your child how to navigate using maps.  Additionally, you should advise your teen to keep maps in their car just as a backup plan.

How to Handle a Car Accident

While you may hate to imagine it, it’s possible that your teen will get into a car accident.  That’s why you should make sure your teen knows what to do in the aftermath of a car accident.  Start by going over the different steps your teen should complete and address any of their questions and concerns.  Additionally, you should give your teen advice on how to stay calm and how to deal with the other party if they do ever get into a car accident.  Teaching them these skills will help then deal with a car accident calmly and thoroughly.

Teaching your kids these driving skills will better prepare them for the open road.  Want another way to make sure your child stays safe while they’re driving?  Make sure they are protected by the right auto policy.  To get the best auto insurance for your needs, trust the professionals at Stromsoe Insurance Agency in Murrieta, California.  Contact us for assistance with all your insurance needs.

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