How to Store Your Summer Toys for Winter

Fall is the perfect time to get your boat, motorcycle, RV, and other summer toys ready for winter storage.

When temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to think about storing your summer toys for the winter.  If you have a boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV, or other summer toy, then learn how to prepare them for storage today.  Follow this guide to get all your toys ready for winter storage.

Step 1: Cleaning

The first step in preparing your summer vehicles for storage is cleaning them thoroughly.  Make sure you clean the interior and exterior of all your summer toys.  As you clean, check for any damages that require repairs.  These issues should be resolved before storing your toys for the winter.

Step 2: Maintenance

Once you finish cleaning, it’s time to move onto maintenance.  Make sure you empty out any water that might be in the engine or plumbing system of your boat and RV.  If this water sits for too long, it will cause damage.  If there is any remaining gas in your summer vehicles, make sure you add some fuel stabilizer to your gas tank.  This will prevent the residual fuel from corroding your engine.  Finally, if you noticed any damage while you were cleaning, now is the time to address these issues.  Make sure your summer toys are in good condition so they are ready to use as soon as you take them out of storage next summer.

Step 3: Choosing a Storage Facility

Once your summer toys are cleaned and fully repaired, then it’s time to choose the right storage facility.  When looking for a storage facility, try to find one that has experience storing similar items.  You should also make sure to take a tour of the facility you are considering.  Look to make sure that the facility offers adequate security and make sure the units are dry and heated.  Finally, look for a facility that allows you to rent space by the month.  This will allow you to only pay for storage when you need it.

Follow this simple guide to make sure that your summer toys are properly prepared for winter storage.  Another way to make sure that your summer toys are ready for anything is to get them the year-round coverage they need.  To find the right policy for you, trust the experts at Stromsoe Insurance Services in Murrieta, California.  Contact us to get covered today!

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