Travel Tips for Your Electronics

Our electronic devices are all but impossible to separate from our lives and that can pose a tricky problem when we travel to new locations. 

Electronic devices are as much a part of our travel experience in our present day as passports, suitcases or swimming suits. But they can sometimes cause confusion and lead to issues which are time consuming, should a device be lost. Here are few airport tips on how you can safely travel with your electronics.

  1. Set a limit as to how many electronics go in each bag. The fewer there are, the fewer the chances are of losing one of the devices.
  2. Use a label maker to add your contact information should an honest person find them.
  3. Many smart devices have a feature which allows the phone to completely restart should it be stolen, make sure to turn this feature on before you leave.
  4. Another key feature which needs to be turned on is GPS location service. If lost, you can access its location through another device.
  5. Don’t forget to pack your charger. The last thing you want is to be stranded in a foreign country with no means of communication.
  6. Always password protect your devices in order to deter criminals from stealing your private information.
  7. Never put your electronics in checked bags. Baggage handlers do not always follow “FRAGILE” tags on bags and can break if one throws your bag onto the plane.
  8. Write down the manufacturer, model, cost, and serial number of all your devices in order to ease the insurance filing process.
  9. Use the hotel safe. If you are going to be water rafting or hiking, you don’t need to bring every single device because it may break if there’s an accident.

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