Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring marks a time in which most people get serious about cleaning for one day and participate in spring cleaning. 

The earth has come to a point in its orbit where the days get longer and warmer, and for many people across the nation, that means it’s time to clean! Spring cleaning is a day in which millions of Americans put on their latex gloves, cleaning apron, and an old shirt they got at a work event which is now dedicated to getting dirty, and meticulously clean their home. Here is your guide to spring cleaning.

  1. Ceiling fixtures. 
    Fixtures such as ceiling fans or lights collect dust and we normally forget to check these overhead. Take this time to dust these fixtures with a cloth or a vacuum with a brush nozzle.
  2. Walls.
    You may think that dust only covers horizontal surfaces, but you’d be wrong. A close look at a wall and we see that they are not perfectly smooth, they have ridges and crevices to which dust can attach. Dust also carries a charge and can stick statically to walls. Wash away the dust with a sponge and some dish soap.
  3. Floors.
    You can protect your floors from another year of wear and tear with the proper finishing. Use a floor cleaner that both cleans and shines to give your floor the preservation it needs.
  4. Fridge.
    Food spoils and leaves behind a foul odor. Take the time to remove everything in your fridge and give it a good wipe-down with soap and water. (You don’t want to use any tough cleaning chemicals as you run the risk of contaminating your food.)

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