Safety Towing Tips

Towing is something that you may have to do eventually to carry various items that don’t fit in your car or truck, here’s how you can tow safely.

People love to take camping trips in the summer and fall. They are the perfect camping climate because you can huddle around the warmth of a campfire and sleep snuggly in your trailer. But how do you get your trailer to the camping grounds in the first place? Or perhaps you’re moving and your things don’t fit in your car, so you have to rent a separate moving apparatus to attach to their truck. Many choose the option to simply tow it and some experience the consequences of not doing it safely.  Here are some safety towing tips to keep you and your vehicle safe.

  1. Consult your car’s owner’s manual. Written in the manual is the weight limit that your vehicle can haul. This weight limit includes the entire weight of the car, including the people, other things in the car, and whatever you may want to tow. Be sure to not exceed this weight limit as you can do some serious damage to the car.
  2. Follow the pre-tow procedure. 
    – Check the tire pressure on your truck and the trailer.
    – Make sure the hitch is secure and the safety pin is in place.
    – Make sure the trailer’s lights are working: taillights, brake lights, and turn signals.
    – Raise and lock the trailer jack, tongue support and stabilizers.
    – Check your visibility. If you can’t see around the trailer, install extension mirrors.
  3. Properly connect safety chains. The chains shouldn’t be extremely tight, in fact, they should have a fair amount of slack between the trailer and the truck. They should also crisscross under the trailer tongue.

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