Health Insurance FAQ

The best way to learn about any subject, including health insurance, is by asking the right questions.

You often hear the masters of apprentices say the words, “You must ask the right question,” in order for them to get any form of appropriate response from the master. When it comes to your insurance, it may literally pay to ask the right question. Having the proper knowledge in certain areas may help you save money. Here are the questions to ask about health insurance that will help you get a better understanding of it.

Q: Why do I need health insurance?
A: Medical treatment is expensive. The cost to treat a broken leg can cost an average of $7,500 and a 3-day hospital stay can set you back an astounding $30,000. You also need health insurance because it’s required by law.

Q: What’s the difference between a deductible, copay, and coinsurance?

A: A DEDUCTIBLE is the initial amount you pay before your insurance company starts.  A COPAYMENT is a fixed amount you pay toward each medical service, such as $25 for a checkup. COINSURNACE is a fixed percentage, rather than a flat amount you pay for each service.

Q: Do I really have to buy health insurance?
A: The Affordable Care Act requires every American, with a few exceptions, to have health insurance that offers “minimum essential coverage.” This is called the individual mandate and is a sacrifice we all have to make for a better social order.

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