2 Thief Deterrents That Work (and 2 to Avoid)

Do the best you can to stop thieves from targeting and breaking into your home with these 4 helpful hints.

Approximately every 15 seconds a home burglary occurs somewhere in the U.S. That means that in the 5 minutes it will take you to read this post, there will be 40 homes that will have been victims to burglars. That’s a rather startling statistic and should be a sign to take immediate steps to fortify your home. Think of your home as an ogre, or better yet, an onion: there should be many layers, each one a different enough to make a thief cry. To keep your home safe, here are two thief deterrents you should consider, and two that you’ll want to avoid.

The ones that work.

  1. Locks

Don’t be frugal when it comes to your locks because they are the first things the burglars will try out. If they are weak, then you have basically invited the thieves in. A locksmith can recommend the strongest, best locks for your home.

  1. Alarm

A home security alarm is one of the best ways to stop burglars from targeting your home. Several different systems are available at various prices, so choose the one that’s right for you.

The ones that don’t.

  1. Posting Alarm Signs

Why would you give the burglars information about your security system? This may provide them with enough information to bypass your system if they are the tech savvy sort of burglars.

  1. Hiding Your Valuables in the Bedroom

This is the oldest cliché in the book. Thieves aren’t likely to say, “Hey wait; that’s the master bedroom, we can’t go in there!” and will most exclusively be looking in your bedroom.

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