How Can I Qualify for a Good Driver Discount?

We all love discounts because they mean we’re going to be saving some money. Do you know how you can get a discount on your car insurance?

Each auto insurance company has different definitions on what “good driver” actually means. Most, however, fall into two categories that are quite easy to understand. Some companies offer discounts for every year you avoid an at-fault accident or moving violation. Other companies gauge your good driving based on your driving record over a period of years. Many of those companies have a three-year window.

How You Can Qualify for a Good Driver Discount

When determining if you qualify for a good driver discount, keep in mind that each company has different requirements for determining what qualifies as a good driver. Generally, it means these things.

  • Having a clean driving record free of moving violations like speeding tickets, DUI/DWI, and reckless driving will certainly help your case for a good driver discount.
  • You’ve avoided at-fault accidents, showing your insurance company that you are a responsible driver and are able to hold your own on the road. This is a nice green light for your insurance company and can help you acquire this discount.
  • Being claims-free is a big bonus as well. The less hassle you cause your insurance company, the more inclined they’ll be to reward you a nice discount. If you keep driving claim-free for the time required by your insurance company, they’ll see this as a good sign and will be more likely to extend discounts to you.

As a good driver, you deserve to get a good driver discount and put some more money in your pocket! For all of your auto insurance needs in California, be sure to contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We are more than happy to help you get the coverage you deserve!

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