Will My Auto Insurance Cover a Cracked Windshield?

What should you do when a rock hits and cracks your windshield?

It’ll happen to everyone at least once in their driving life. You’re driving behind a construction truck and a pebble will fall and hit your windshield like it knew exactly where you were going to be. Or, perhaps, you are parked under a tree and a branch falls off and it leaves a sizable crack on your windshield. What are you to do, and who’s going to pay for the damages?  Know if your insurance will cover you, and what you should do when a pebble or other rogue object hits your windshield.

What to Do, What to Do?

Rather than ignore it, you should inspect the crack to determine the severity of it. Will you need to get it repaired or go the whole 9 yards and get it replaced? If it’s a small crack, it usually just needs to get repaired and you can move on. If it’s too big, it may become life-threatening and you may need to get the entire window replaced.

The dollar bill comparison is a good way to tell what you’ll need: if a dollar bill is bigger than the crack, then a repair is the likely option. Anything bigger, and you should expect to get the replacement.

Does My Auto Insurance Cover the Crack?

If you have comprehensive coverage, then you are more than likely going to be covered. You’re probably going to have to pay a deductible for the following procedure. Meaning if your repair costs $499, and your deductible is $500, you’re going to have to pay for the repair out of pocket.

Your windshield is a crucial part of your car which protects you from the dangerous elements that lurk just beyond. For all of your auto insurance needs in California, including coverage for your windshield, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need If I’m Going to Install a Pool?

If you plan to purchase a pool, it’s a good idea to know what kind of insurance you’ll need.

From Kiddy pools to extravagant in-ground aquatic wonderlands, all pose threats to lives and property and must be insured to ensure you’re not caught off guard. According to the CDC, over 3,200 people drown each year. And among children aged 1-4, most drowned in residential areas and had been out of sight for less than 5 minutes and were in the care of both parents at the time. When it comes to your pool—no matter the size—you should know what kind of insurance you need to protect yourself and your property.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Let your insurance company know that you have a pool, since it will increase your liability risk. Pools are known as an “attractive nuisance” because they’re things that are attractive for nearly everyone and everyone wants one, but can be and are extremely dangerous. Pool owners may want to bump their average homeowners insurance liability from $100,000 to $300,000-$500,000.

Umbrella insurance policies are also an extra option that you may want to consider. It covers you for those things that aren’t covered by your homeowners insurance, and are only about $200-$300 more a year. You’ll get $1 million in liability protection—which could come in handy if a you’re dealt a major lawsuit.

If this pool is expensive, or an in-ground extravaganza, you should have enough coverage to replace it in the event it is destroyed  by a storm or some other natural disaster.

For all of your insurance coverage needs to keep your pool safe this summer, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We will work with you to ensure you have the coverage that you deserve, all at the right price to fit your budget.

The Three Hidden Costs of Owning a Small Business in Murrieta, CA

Are you aware of these three things which you may not have planned for when it comes to running a small business?

When opening a new business, you already know you will encounter expenses. You have probably already made a list of the things you need to get started, or even done an analysis of the revenue compared to your expenses. This is something that successful business owners do early, but there are some common expenses that are very often overlooked when it comes to small businesses. Below, we have listed some hidden costs that many small business owners fail to consider, which could hinder them greatly.

  1. Replacing Equipment. Inevitably it will happen, the motherboard will fry on your recently purchased computer, or manufacturing machine(s). Allocate the appropriate funds to cope with these unavoidable expenses in your budget now, and you won’t be sorry later.
  1. Web Designer Costs. If you are planning to do business online, or simply want an online presence to tell people about your goods/services, understand now how expensive paying a web designer is going to be. When you need to add content, you can expect to pay around $100 per hour, or more. There are other 3rd party resources which will help you combat these expenses.
  1. The Little Things. A lot of times it’s the details that make the difference. Things like desks, copiers, paper, pens, computers, accessories, electrical cords, etc. Even for the smallest of things like hand soap or window cleaner. Make sure that these things get fit into your budget.

When it comes to protecting your California business, having the right team of insurance experts behind you can give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Contact the experts at Stromsoe Insurance Agency for all of your commercial insurance coverage needs. We will work with you to ensure you have the right amount of protection, all at the right price to fit your budget.

May: National Stroke Awareness Month

Strokes can affect people of all ages, classes, and backgrounds. Learn how to best safeguard yourself against stroke.

Every forty seconds, someone in the US suffers from a stroke. In 2008, more than 133,000 Americans died from a stroke—that’s one person every four minutes—making it the fourth leading cause of death in the US.

Strokes usually occur when the flow of blood to the brain is blocked, or a blood vessel in or around the brain bursts. And many people believe that those at risk from getting a stroke are older folks, but this simply is not true. Strokes can occur to people of all ages. In fact, nearly one-quarter of strokes occur in people aged sixty-five or younger.

Each year, nearly 800,000 strokes occur and often lead to serious, life-changing complications that include things like:

  • Depression.
  • Problems understanding or forming speech.
  • Difficulty controlling or expressing emotions.
  • Paralysis or weakness on one side of the body.
  • Numbness or strange sensations.
  • Pain in the hands and feet.
  • Problems with thinking, awareness, attention, learning, judgment, and memory.

Know how to protect yourself and others by acting FAST. By calling 911 as soon as possible, you can make the difference between life and death, or between full recovery or permanent disability.

  • F – Face drooping
  • A – Arm weakness
  • S – Speech difficulty, confusion
  • T – Time to call 911

Raising awareness for strokes is important so further research can be conducted and figure out a way to end strokes. Do you have the correct health insurance plan for your needs? Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency for a tailored policy to suit you in California.