Why We Personally Recommend a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy

Here’s a closer look at what umbrella insurance can do for you.

You’ve worked your whole life and have done quite well for yourself. You have a home, a car, support a family, and maybe even have a boat or a vacation property. But your security is something you shouldn’t take for granted. All of these things could be at risk under the unfortunate situation that you get into a lawsuit.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Car accidents are an upsetting reality. They do happen and there can be major damages. If you cause an auto accident, you need to be covered. Your auto policy could possibly not cover all of the property damage, injuries, and subsequent lawsuits. An umbrella policy will cover you for these things once you max out the limits of your auto policy.

Lawsuits happen.

Someone may have an accident on your property or sue you for the injury. It’s not at all uncommon when someone trips on a loose step or slips by the pool. When you hit the liability limits of your homeowners insurance, an umbrella policy gives you extra coverage for just this sort of event.

How does it work?

Many people don’t know how an umbrella policy actually works. Well, it’s simple. Something happens. An auto accident, you are sued, etc. Your umbrella policy is protection that kicks in after your home or car insurance when the amount you must pay exceeds what your policy covers. It can cover a wide variety of liability situations. The typical policy covers anywhere from an $1 million to $10 million. Umbrella coverage is also very affordable!

Don’t take it for granted.

Be sure and take a look at your umbrella policy from time to time to see to what extent and under what circumstances you are covered. It may surprise you. It’s better to be surprised now so you can update your policy than when it’s too late.

For all of your umbrella insurance needs throughout California, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

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